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Lib Dem Vince Cable launches London election manifesto

Vince Cable visits the "Stage Technologies" warehouse in Brent,

The Liberal Democrats has launched its London election manifesto which claims that under the party Londoners would save around £700 each year.

The Lib Dems said that tax cuts would be paid for by "closing loopholes" and "increasing aviation pollution taxes".

The party said its tax reform would be "the most radical in a generation".

Lib Dem Treasury Spokesman Vince Cable launched the manifesto at Stage Technologies, which produces theatre equipment in Neasden, north London.

The Lib Dems added that under its proposals 10% of Londoners would be "freed" from paying income tax.

It said that this would be achieved through raising the threshold for paying income tax to £10,000.

"Out of step"

The party also said it would cut taxes for millions of people on low or middle incomes.

The Conservative Party said that Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was "out of step" with Vince Cable.

It said that while Mr Clegg was launching a "Tory VAT Bombshell" poster claiming people would "pay £389 more a year in VAT under the Conservatives", Vince Cable has repeatedly said his party would not rule out VAT rises.

Other key points in the Lib Dems' manifesto included a pledge to put 600 more police on the capital's streets and an extra £520m a year for London schools.

The party also claimed it would bring 36,000 empty homes back into use and would spend £730m on environmentally-friendly home improvements.

Tessa Jowell, Labour's Minister for London, said:

"The real choice in these elections is securing the economic recovery and protecting vital public services that Londoners rely on with Labour, or risking the recovery with damaging cuts, job losses and failing businesses under the Conservatives.

"A vote for the Lib Dems risks waking up to a Conservative Government."

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