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At-a-glance: Cameron coalition's policy plans


The Conservatives and Lib Dems are now in coalition. Policy details have been released. See below for the key points, with an assessment of how much influence Nick Clegg's Lib Dems have had on the programme for government:



Pretty much a Conservative clean sweep on economic policy, although they have agreed to delay plans to raise the inheritance tax thresholds to £1m and work towards Lib Dem plans to take low earners out of the tax system.

Exam hall

  • Investment to reduce class sizes for children from poorer backgrounds
  • New independent schools in state sector - "free schools" - to be set up
  • BBC

    A score draw here. The Lib Dems get their cherished "pupil premium", the Tories keep "free schools".

    Palace of Westminster

  • Referendum on the Alternative Vote system for general elections
  • Fixed-term Parliaments - next election in May 2015 - with prime minister not able to call poll date
  • 55% of MPs required to vote for the dissolution of Parliament and to trigger an election
  • Committee to look at fully PR-elected House of Lords
  • Cut in number of MPs and equal size constituencies
  • Right of the public to "recall" corrupt MPs
  • Statutory register for lobbyists
  • Scottish Parliament to get more powers under Calman proposals
  • Referendum of devolution of further powers to Welsh assembly
  • Review of Scottish MPs voting on England-only legislation
  • Ban on "non-doms" sitting in Parliament
  • Reform of political donations and party funding
  • BBC

    The biggest Lib Dem coup. The Tories are against changing the voting system and are likely to campaign against it in a referendum. There was already broad agreement on most of the other measures.

    Union flag

  • "War Cabinet" to oversee Afghan mission
  • New National Security Council to manage different security threats
  • Strategic defence review to begin as soon as possible
  • Trident renewal to go ahead but cost scrutinised
  • No further powers ceded to EU without referendum
  • UK not to join euro in lifetime of Parliament
  • Work to limit application of EU Working Time Directive in UK
  • BBC

    The Tories get their way here. Trident renewal is a major concession for the Lib Dems and one which will not go down at all well with their grassroots members. Europe also remains a thorny issue.



    Another Tory win. Vince Cable argued passionately during the general election campaign that NHS spending should not be ringfenced.

    CCTV camera

  • Great Repeal Bill including abolition of ID cards
  • Safeguards for use of personal details on the DNA database
  • BBC

    No real disagreements here.

    Pensioners by seaside

  • Commission to review the long term affordability of public sector pensions
  • Restore the link between the state pension and earnings from April 2011
  • Default retirement age to be phased out
  • Review to examine when the state pension age will rise to 66
  • Benefits to be conditional on willingness to work
  • BBC

    Not much disagreement. The Lib Dems get their "triple guarantee" that pensions are raised by the higher of earnings, prices or 2.5% but there has been no mention of their plan for a Citizens Pension, based on residence not contribution history.

    Passport being stamped

  • Cap on immigration from outside the European Union
  • BBC

    Tory clean sweep, with the Lib Dems forced to ditch one of their flagship policies, earned citizenship for illegal migrants, and sign up to an annual cap. They have extracted an agreement to end the detention of children in immigration centres, however.

    Sunrise over an oil refinery

  • Aviation passenger duty replaced by plane tax
  • No new runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted
  • New nuclear power plants (Lib Dems able to abstain on issue)
  • Creation of a green investment bank.
  • High-speed rail network to be built
  • No new coal-fired power stations without carbon capture and storage
  • Increased target for share of energy from renewable sources
  • BBC

    Broad agreement - but Lib Dem activists will not be happy with commitment to nuclear power. Lib Dem MPs can abstain in any Commons votes but under their agreement they will not be able to bring down the government over it in a confidence vote.


  • Tax break for married couples and civil partners (Lib Dems able to abstain)
  • BBC

    Another Tory win, although full details of the coalition's family policies have yet to be spelled out.

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