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Green Party say their voice is 'not being heard'

Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas said the TV debates had been a disappointment

The "two party stitch-up has become a three party stitch up", the Green Party leader has said, following the third TV prime ministerial debate.

Caroline Lucas told the BBC that lots of different views and ideas were "simply not being heard".

She said one such Green policy was to make a "major investment" in jobs which promoted renewable energy.

It comes as the party steps up its campaign in Brighton Pavilion where she hopes to become the Greens' first MP.

Ms Lucas said getting people back to work, developing a fair tax system, and generating a more equal society were Green priorities for a domestic economic programme rooted in environmental action and sustainability.

"People don't really know that there are other options out there" when they listen to the big three parties, she added.

Meanwhile, a large number of volunteers are planning to target Brighton this weekend for a last weekend of intense campaigning.

Jonathon Porritt, former chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, and Bruce Kent, former chair of CND, will both be helping the campaign on Saturday

Paul Steedman, campaign manager for the Greens in Brighton Pavilion, said: "The last few months have seen a continued rise in attention and support for the Green Party especially in Brighton. Going into the last weekend of the campaign sees us with a surge of momentum and we expect to have around 150 people knocking doors and meeting voters all across the constituency."

"What we have found on the doorstep is no evidence of the Clegg bounce, instead the Lib Dem vote has collapsed, repeating their poor performance in every election for the past five years. In Brighton the Greens are the party of change. It's clearly a two-horse race between us and the Conservatives."

Other candidates standing in Brighton Pavilion include: Leo Atreides (Independent), Nigel Carter (UK Independence Party), Ian Fyvie (Socialist Labour Party), Soraya Kara (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality), Bernadette Millam (Liberal Democrat), Nancy Platts (Labour) and Charlotte Vere (Conservative)

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