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UK election at-a-glance: 24 April

Gordon Brown is serenaded by an Elvis impersonator


Gordon Brown tells the BBC he's going to "up the tempo" of the Labour campaign and John Prescott urges the party to "fight for victory" rather than talking about hung parliaments. David Cameron says anyone becoming PM between elections should have to call one within six months. On a sunny Saturday he then goes to his younger sister's wedding, while Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg takes the day off to spend time with his three young suns whose Easter break in Spain lasted three weeks because of the volcanic ash cloud. See how the day unfolded.


Elvis at a Labour event

In one of the more bizarre twists of the campaign so far, The King has come out for Labour. At the end of a campaign event in Corby the mystery new celebrity backer was unveiled with the impersonator serenading the Labour faithful with A Little Less Conversation, Suspicious Minds and - dedicated to Gordon Brown - The Wonder of You.


Foreign Secretary David Miliband has accused Nick Clegg of peddling a form of "anti-politics". David Miliband tells the Guardian that Clegg's core argument "that we have had 65 years of failure in this country" is a myth and claims a Labour vote is the "only way to keep progressive politics governing this country".

The row over claims in campaign leaflets continues on the front page of the Sun, which says Gordon Brown has given the "green light to election Labour lies". The PM said during Thursday's TV debate that he had never authorised material implying the Tories would scrap benefits for the elderly.

The Daily Telegraph leads with the headline: "Tories plan for a coalition." It reports shadow business secretary Kenneth Clarke as saying the starting point for a Conservative minority government dealing with other parties would be to tell them "you have got to control the deficit and debt" and refuse to compromise.


From the Chinese foreign ministry regular news conference:

Is China following Britain's upcoming general elections? Has it had any contact with the Liberal Democratic Party, which might get to play an important role for the first time in a new government?

Spokeswoman: The general elections are Britain's internal matter. We have no comment. The overall development of Sino-British relations is currently good. China is committed to developing its comprehensive strategic partnership with Britain. As permanent members of the UN Security Council and members of the G20, China and Britain share common interests on many major international and regional issues. We are ready to further strengthen bilateral relations as well as communication and coordination within a multilateral context with Britain in a joint effort to meet international challenges.


"But there's so much anger there about the expenses scandal that I think... we're living in a time of extraordinary flux. And, I'm hopeful of getting maybe half-a-dozen elected independent MPs, as a force for good and honest politics in the House of Commons"
Ex-independent MP Martin Bell

"This hung parliament debate, that we've been having, isn't about the people deciding if we have a hung parliament. It's not about the people deciding who the next prime minister is. It's about Nick Clegg deciding who the next prime minister is and he hasn't even told us who he would support in a hung parliament."
Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt

"You always have to up the tempo."
Labour leader Gordon Brown

"You should hold office because the people have voted for you, not because your party has stitched up some kind of deal,"
Conservative leader David Cameron


Gordon Brown is to "up the tempo" of the campaign and meet more "ordinary people" as Labour respond to some members' concerns.

David Cameron proposes that anyone who takes over as prime minister mid-way through a Parliament would have to hold an election within six months .

Nick Clegg takes a day off from campaigning after being reunited with his sons who had been stuck in Spain as a result of the volcanic ash cloud.

John Prescott has urged Labour to fight for a clear victory in the election and drop any talk of a hung parliament.

Mebyon Kernow, Cornwall's nationalist party, has launched its general election policies with a call for a legislative national assembly.

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