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At-a-glance: BNP general election manifesto

The British National Party have launched their manifesto which they hope will win votes from the three main parties. Here are its key points:


An end to immigration from Muslim nations and encouragement for some UK residents to return to "their lands of ethnic origin" are among the British National Party's proposals.

BNP manifesto

However, leader Nick Griffin insisted at their manifesto launch in Stoke - where the party is hoping to gain its first seat - that immigration was just one aspect of the party's campaign.

The 94-page document includes pledges to bring back British troops from Afghanistan immediately, leave the European Union and abolish quangos, including the regional development agencies.

It also proposes to reallocate funds from the foreign aid budget to increase spending on frontline NHS services.

The manifesto proposes that a new English parliament - alongside those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - would "oversee such functions of the present devolved administrations as cannot sensibly be accommodated by the [re-introduced] county councils".

It does not make clear whether its policies would apply UK-wide or be devolved.

  • Cut public spending on immigration, asylum, EU membership and foreign aid, which the BNP claim accounts for more than £40bn
  • Cut £18bn it says is spent on tackling global warming, which it describes as "unproved science"
  • Raise personal tax-free allowance on earnings to £12,500 and inheritance tax threshold to £1m
  • Work for reduction in Council Tax through the slashing of all "politically correct council functions" and "diversity" schemes
  • Close legal loopholes which allow tax evasion through transfer pricing and the outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations
  • Foreign takeovers of significantly-sized UK companies to be judged in the public interest before they can proceed
  • Laws to separate High Street banks from the investment banking sector and opposition to privatisation of "natural monopolies" such as Royal Mail
  • Investigate viability of voluntary local currencies and support national network of autonomous local credit unions

  • Halt immigration - in particular from Muslim countries - and deport illegal immigrants. Allow legally settled and law-abiding minorities to remain but review citizenship grants awarded since 1997
  • Deport foreigners convicted of crimes in Britain, regardless of immigration status, ban the burka and building of mosques. Deport radical Islamist preachers
  • Increase UK Border Agency funding, withdraw from EU, repeal Race Relations Act and scrap Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Scrap ID cards
  • Review the Police and Criminal Evidence Act to remove unnecessary bureaucracy from police duties
  • Reintroduce capital punishment for drug dealers, child murderers, multiple murderers, murderers of policemen on duty and terrorists
  • Reintroduce right of householders to defend themselves and their property, "using whatever means they deem necessary"
  • Establish penal station for "extremely dangerous/violent repeat criminals", including rapists, on the British island of South Georgia

  • "British concepts" of civility and courteousness to be taught in schools, along with British history and English, Irish, Scots and Welsh culture and traditions
  • Reverse budget cuts on education and bring back "traditional syllabi and teaching methods", along with streaming and grammar schools
  • Bring back academic and sporting competition at all levels of education
  • Free university education to students who have completed community service
  • Rebuild Britain's skills base through subsidies to engineering and science institutions and their students

  • Reallocate money designated for foreign aid to increase spending on frontline staff, while reducing bureaucracy and restricting managers' pay to £100,000 per year
  • Prioritise employment of people at affordable wages, halt recruitment of Third World-origin staff and end "health tourism" in UK
  • Cut waiting times and service difficulties by relieving immigration burden upon the NHS

  • Halt payment of benefits, and provision of housing, education and pensions to foreigners "who have not paid into the system"
  • Education and training to help unemployed back into work - in return for set number of hours work per week
  • Those out of work for 18 months or more to participate in local work schemes in return for benefits
  • Aim to increase state pension to £150 per week during the parliament, link to earnings and restrict to Britons and those who have "fully paid into the system"
  • Reduce annual allowance for tax relief on pension contributions to £75,000
  • Convene national conference of employers and workers' representatives to resolve public sector pension difficulties, raising the age of retirement to 68 over "a period of years"

  • Devolve all powers properly capable of exercise to local level, reviving county council government
  • Create an English parliament, alongside a pan-British parliament to oversee policy areas currently determined by Westminster - inviting the Irish Republic to join as an equal partner
  • Reform the House of Lords to include non-party political experts and individuals chosen for talent and service
  • Introduce "citizens' initiative" referendums to force government to adhere to the will of voters on specific subjects
  • Bill of Rights guaranteeing basic civil liberties, repeal 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Restrict use of postal voting to those incapable of getting to polling stations

  • End involvement of British troops in the Afghanistan conflict, withdraw forces form Germany and stop Britain becoming involved in war with Iran
  • Renegotiate UK presence in NATO, raise defence spending by 1% over the rate of inflation for five years
  • Ensure National Lottery funding spent on projects enhancing British culture. Introduce formal bank holidays marking patron saints days of all UK nations
  • Tax concessions for pubs, lower alcohol tax and supervised smoking rooms in pubs
  • Laws to hold journalists and media outlets criminally liable for knowingly publishing falsehoods and media complaints body with power to grant right of reply with equal prominence to defamed people
  • Reverse privatisation of railways, invest in 200mph magnetic levitation inter-city rail network
  • Reduce fuel prices through tax policy, charge foreign trucks for the right to use Britain's road network
  • Develop alternative farming British subsidies to those of the EU, ban genetically modified produce, encourage regeneration of family farms and introduce 200-mile coastal fishing exclusivity zone
  • Place local councils under a legal duty to build a number of homes set to a percentage of the waiting list total each year, with "local connection tests" for housing applicants
  • Protectionist policy for the local IT industry, nationalise telecoms infrastructure to enable creation of UK-wide not-for-profit 100Mbps broadband service across the country

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