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UK election at-a-glance: 20 April

(L-r) Gordon Brown (with Lord Mandelson and Sarah Brown), David and Samatha Cameron, Nick Clegg


It's Day 15 in the election campaign and the last day to register to vote. The Westminster party leaders are back on the road, focusing on banking, the economy and welfare. SNP leader Alex Salmond launches his party's manifesto in Scotland. Here's how Monday panned out.


"I'm not going to employ anybody without paying them a decent wage."
Labour leader Gordon Brown on Radio 1, defends claiming for the cost of a cleaner

"I know you are getting very angry but you have had 13 years to deliver for Wales. Just pipe down, give someone else a go."
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to a Labour heckler in Wales

"I am fully aware of their policies, but I choose to accentuate the positive and talk about what we will do and the leadership we'll bring."
David Cameron on the Liberal Democrats

"Gordon Brown has been totally friendless in the market - not one bet of over £10 has been placed on him."
William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe on who punters are backing in the second TV debate


David Cameron v chicken on the campaign trail

A bit of a rumpus to report from the campaign trail. A man from the Daily Mirror, dressed as a chicken, was following David Cameron around in Tamworth, Staffs. Apparently the Labour-supporting tabloid thinks the Conservative leader is "chicken" for avoiding their questions. Mr Cameron took exception to this, and unmasked his tormentor by ripping off the chicken's head. Surely that's more of a job for Liam Fox?

Airport screen

There's no getting away from the impact of volcanic ash on the UK. While the ban on flights has seen the party leaders taking to the rails to campaign round the country, fears have been raised that the cloud enveloping the country may affect polling. The Conservatives' defence spokesman Liam Fox has raised this as an issue - his wife is currently stuck in Hong Kong. Dr Fox is concerned that the votes of expatriates and troops serving abroad may not reach the UK by the deadline to be counted, while up to 200,000 Britons may not get home in time to vote. Elsewhere, Nick Clegg hopes his three young sons will be able to make it home from Spain - where they had been spending the Easter break with his wife's family. If planes are still grounded, Mr Clegg's brother-in-law Josepe Gonzalez Durantez will drive them to France to take the Eurostar.


Fleet Street's finest have yet to tire of the impact on the polls of the first televised prime ministerial debate. Five days on from the Manchester event, plenty of column inches are being given over to assessments of what it all means. The BBC News website has rounded-up Tuesday's analysis and interpretation in our Daily View blog, which you can read here.

UKIP poster

UKIP leader Lord Pearson has admitted that one of their campaign posters may have been a bit close to the knuckle. The "Sod the lot" slogan - aimed squarely at the leaders of the three main political parties - was "a bit naughty", the peer told BBC Radio 4's The World at One. You can hear Lord Pearson talking about it here.


The SNP launches its UK election manifesto with a pledge to protect vital public services from cuts by the "London-based parties".

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says investment bank Goldman Sachs should be suspended as a government adviser, until fraud allegations are investigated.

Elsewhere, the Tories and Labour vie to portray themselves as the parties of change, following the Lib Dems' poll boost.

Plaid Cymru complain to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom about not being included in the first prime ministerial TV debate, and demand to be included in the next two - after being alarmed by the latest opinion polls.


Gordon Brown answers questions from Radio 1 listeners on immigration

Gordon Brown debates with listeners of BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat and BBC Radio 1xtra, who are first time voters.

He defends his expenses claims, saying his only "crime" was to pay his cleaner a decent wage. He also denies there was a misjudgement on immigration numbers, but agrees that the previous liberalisation of drinking laws was "a mistake".


The Daily Telegraph has dug out a fetching picture of the Lib Dem leader from his school days. "This is Nick Clegg at 16, looking as if he were already practising the self-assured, but not cocky, demeanour that helped him win so many plaudits in last week's leaders' debate," it says.

The Guardian has claims over businessmen who spoke out against Labour's rise in National Insurance. Meanwhile, its columnist, Marina Hyde, is on the campaign trail with Gordon Brown, whom she describes as "grinning like a Cheshire marginal".

The Financial Times, meanwhile, reports on David Cameron's latest political broadcast in which he appealed to the electorate for a strong mandate to "blow apart" the old way of doing things.


375,092 - the number of registration forms downloaded from the website, ahead of the midnight deadline for registering to vote.

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