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What did voters make of the debate?

Nick Clegg's performance in the first leadership debate has been roundly applauded by commentators. But will it help Liberal Democrat MPs convince voters in marginal seats?

While people enjoy the sunshine on Richmond Green - strangely peaceful due to the pause in aircraft flying overhead - a fierce battle for votes is raging in the background.

One of London's most affluent areas, boasting good schools and acres of green space, Richmond Park is a key target for the Conservative Party, who are hoping to overturn Lib Dem Susan Kramer's 3,700 majority.

While many voters on the green had been impressed by Mr Clegg, most said it would not affect where they would mark their 'x' on 6 May.

Editor's note 3 May: The original version of this story included a series of 'vox pops' quotes from a small random selection of local voters. The quotes were an anecdotal snapshot rather than a statistical study, but overall they didn't provide a broad or balanced range of views and as a result we have removed them from this page and changed the headline. We revisited Richmond for a subsequent report two days later to seek a broader range of views, and you can read this report here

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