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UK election at-a-glance: 7 April

David Cameron delivers a speech at a bakers


Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Gordon Brown
The Commons held its last Prime Minister's Questions before polling day

Gordon Brown clashes with David Cameron and Nick Clegg at prime minister's questions for the last time before Parliament is dissolved, on day two of the general election campaign. After the half-hour session, all three leaders hit the campaign trail in different parts of the country. Mr Brown made a major speech on political reforms as Mr Cameron focused on Labour's NI tax rise. Here's how the day unfolded .


"I thought the VIP was going to be Paul McCartney,"
An onlooker's reaction as Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg arrives at Liverpool's Penny Lane community centre

"The Conservative Party says take six billion out of the economy and it doesn't matter. In fact, take six billion out of the economy now and there is more unemployment, more businesses go under and there is less growth."
Labour leader Gordon Brown

"This prime minister would wreck the recovery by putting a tax on every job, on everyone earning over £20,000, a tax on aspiration, a tax on every business in the country. This government would wreck the recovery."

Conservative leader David Cameron

"Mr Speaker, we all remember back in 1997 the hope and the promise of this new government. Look at them now, look at them now! You failed, it is over, it is time to go!"
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg


Jim Devine, the suspended Labour MP charged over his expenses, has allegedly been snapped having what may be his last drink at a Commons bar. The picture appeared on Twitter , posted by "eyespymp", which reports anonymous sightings of politicians. BBC's Digital Election Correspondent Rory Cellan Jones


Thirty more business leaders are now backing the Conservatives' pledge to scrap Labour's planned increase in National Insurance. Business leaders back Tories

Nick Clegg says voting either Labour or Conservative would be a "vote for corrupt politics". Nick Clegg on election reform

Ministers drop plans for 10% tax rise on cider and make other concessions to try and get legislation through before election
Ministers drop plans for 10% cider rise

The Conservatives continue their push in Scotland by branding Labour's running of the economy "catastrophic". Tories push in Scotland

Meanwhile, the SNP pledges investment in Scotland's jobs and communities. SNP pledges investment

Candidates in Luton South seat pledge to restore the image of MPs tarnished by its previous member Labour MP Margaret Moran. Cleaning up Luton South


The Independent calls the election "a step into the unknown", while the FT goes with the straight headline "Election campaign begins". The Daily Telegraph echoes the comments of shadow chancellor George Osborne with its headline "The battle between hope and fear". The Daily Mail leads with "Now the class war begins", while Daily Mail headline is "Personal, proud and defiant: Brown takes his case to the country". The Scotsman thinks the outcome of the election is not certain, with its headline "Brown paves the way for hung Parliament".


5 - the number of hung Parliaments in the last 100 years.

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