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Prime Minister's Questions: David Cameron v Ed Miliband

The full Prime Minister's Questions: From Democracy Live

By Justin Parkinson
Political reporter, BBC News

1256 That concludes our coverage of PMQs for this week, a session where the future of the NHS in England dominated proceedings once again. You can follow the NHS debate in the House of Commons live on the BBC's Democracy Live site, and the full 37 minute session of PM's questions will be added to this page shortly. Please join us again next week.

1250 Following Labour's Frank Field's question earlier, party colleague Caroline Flint says there are aspects of Scottish devolution which have to be discussed in England, if the process goes further.

1248 BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson says Ed Miliband is "mining a rich seam" by asking about the NHS three weeks in a row.

1246 Labour's Caroline Flint says the government's NHS changes will increase waiting times.

1243 Tory Nick Herbert says the choice is between letting the NHS stand still or dealing with the future.

1241 BBC political editor Nick Robinson tells Daily Politics the government has given itself a "most extraordinary self-inflicted wound" over the NHS.

1238 That ends an unusually long PMQs, stretched out by Speaker John Bercow as a result of the many interruptions caused by noise.

1237 The PM promises to work to improve nutrition in the developing world.

1237 Another NHS question, Mr Cameron says the government is ensuring investment continues.

1236 The PM says Edinburgh is one of the locations being looked at as a potential HQ for the Green Investment Bank.

1235 Labour's Adrian Bailey says the relationship between pubs and the companies which own them must be looked at. The PM promises to get back on the issue.

1234 Tory Jo Johnson says the UK-US extradition treaty is unfair and should be changed. Mr Cameron says the home secretary is looking at the issue.

1233 Labour's Jim McGovern says the Ministry of Defence has not given a definitive answer on the closure of the Dundee Royal Marine Reserves HQ. Mr Cameron urges everyone to respect the work of the reserve forces.

1231 Tory Stephen Metcalfe urges the PM to keep racism out of football. Mr Cameron says the UK has led the world on the issue.

1230 Tory Peter Bone says his wife thinks the government blocked the deportation of Abu Qatada. He says his son asked him if Nick Clegg was a goodie or a baddie. Mr Cameron says the deputy PM also backs the deportation.

1228 Labour's Graham Jones calls for a meeting on the future of BAE's operations in the UK. Mr Cameron says he is absolutely committed to helping with the Eurofighter Typhoon project.

1227 Tory Priti Patel praises the government's work experience scheme. Mr Cameron says the "overwhelming majority" will back it.

1225 Mr Cameron backs a campaign by the Times newspaper to make cycling in cities safer.

1225 The SNP's Angus MacNeil asks about devolution. Mr Cameron says a third option on a referendum on independence for Scotland should be opposed by the SNP, which wants independence.

1223 The PM says he wants a "vibrant" press to continue after the Leveson inquiry into media standards reports its recommendations.

1222 Tory Charlotte Leslie praises moves towards elected mayors in major English cities. Mr Cameron says "great city figures" of the past had allowed them to flourish in the first place.

1221 Labour's Frank Field says English people feel grievances over the proposed Scottish devolution, asking what measures England needs to gain parity with other parts of the UK. Mr Cameron says the United Kingdom has been very successful and that he wants to tell English people that it works.

1219 Tory Tony Baldry says tomorrow's London conference on Somalia should show criminals and terrorists a determination to restore order to the country. The PM agrees that the "building blocks" should be put in place.

1218 On to other questions now. Mr Cameron says fostering figures should be published to see which local authorities are doing best.

1217 Mr Cameron signs off the party leaders' exchanges by referring to the fact Labour's leader did not mention the topic of the debate which follows PMQs - he says Mr Miliband is "not a leader".

1216 Mr Cameron calls Labour a "bunch of rank opportunists". Mr Miliband says the last government cut waiting lists and offers to match the coalition's record on the NHS "any day of the week". He accuses the PM of "arrogance" and says the bill will become "his poll tax". But Mr Cameron says Mr Miliband is showing an "absence of leadership".

1214 The Labour leader calls for a "straight answer" on the NHS. Mr Cameron says the NHS bill is about integrating health and social care services.

1213 Mr Cameron stands up before Mr Miliband has finished his question, but has to sit down again to much cheering on the Labour benches.

1212 Mr Miliband urges the PM to listen to NHS workers, who he says say the changes will damage HIV treatment. But the PM says the Labour leader would be opposed to the expert groups like the Terrence Higgins Trust providing more services because he opposed other organisations taking part in the NHS.

1211 John Bercow asks the House to preserve "parliamentary manners", adding that he is "not frightened of anything".

1210 Speaker John Bercow calls for a "tranquil" atmosphere. Mr Miliband continues on the Downing Street meeting. He asks if the PM is planning changes to the NHS bill. Mr Cameron says the bill will boost patient choice.

1208 The Labour leader mocks the PM's "ridiculous summit". He says the coalition has lost the confidence of NHS staff. Mr Cameron replies that Labour used to support many of the proposed reforms. The atmosphere builds.

1207 Mr Miliband mocks the PM's Downing Street health conference on Monday, which "excluded the vast majority" of groups representing NHS workers. Mr Cameron says the government will meet the challenges facing the health service.

1205 Ed Miliband echoes Mr Cameron's tributes.

1205 On the coach crash in France in which UK teacher Peter Rippington was killed, the PM says it is a "desperately sad case".

1204 Labour's Clive Betts asks about police cuts. The PM says recorded crime is down under this government.

1202 We are under way. David Cameron pays tribute to senior aircraftman Ryan Tomlin, killed in Afghanistan, and to the journalist Marie Colvin, who has died in Syria.

1200 Nick Robinson says he'll be amazed if Ed Miliband doesn't lead on the NHS.

1159 Daily Politics presenter Andrew Neil, who hired Marie Colvin when he edited the Sunday Times, calls her the "foremost foreign correspondent of her generation".

1158 BBC political editor Nick Robinson reveals that the PM will pay tribute to Marie Colvin at PMQs.

1155 Foreign Secretary William Hague has tweeted on the news of the death of journalist Marie Colvin in Syria. He writes: "Saddened by terrible news about Marie Colvin. She died helping people of Syria share their plight with the world. A great loss for us all."

1152 Labour's Caroline Flint questions, on Daily Politics, whether the work experience schemes will lead to permanent jobs.

1151 On Daily Politics, Tory Nick Herbert says the campaign against the government's work experience programme for young people on Jobseeker's Allowance is misleading.

1150 Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has arrived in the Commons, looking jolly.

1148 It's Scotland Questions in the Commons at the moment. The chamber is about a half to two-thirds full.

1145 Away from the political world, there's been the sad news this morning that the Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin has been killed in the Syrian city of Homs. Politicians have been paying tribute to her and we expect more during PMQs.

1143 In the Daily Politics studio, Home Office minister Nick Herbert says changes to the NHS are vital. Labour has called a debate on the issue, which will take place this afternoon in the Commons.

1142 The nation is still reeling after the singer Adele was cut short during her acceptance speech for the best album award at last night's Brits. Will Speaker John Bercow be similarly restrictive with any waffling contributions today?

1138 Drum roll. The winners in this week's draw to see which MP gets to ask David Cameron questions are... in first place, Labour's Clive Betts. In second his party colleague Mary Glindon. After that the Conservatives Tony Baldry and Charlotte Leslie.

1136 So what will come up? The economy might, for once, not be mentioned by Ed Miliband, as this week's government borrowing figures were better than many had expected. The NHS bill is still causing problems for ministers, so that could be a likely contender.

1131 The studio guests on Daily Politics are Conservative Nick Herbert and Labour's Caroline Flint.

1130 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions. There's a slightly retro look this week while some under-the-bonnet work goes on with our usual live pages. It means we can't bring you the Daily Politics live as well as the House of Commons - but you can watch it via this link from 1130 to 1300. We will, of course, be letting you know what Nick Robinson and the Daily Politics' guests made of the session.

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