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David Cameron's Prime Minister's Questions - in full

The full Prime Minister's Questions: From Democracy Live

By Justin Parkinson

1305 That ends our coverage of Prime Minister's Questions for this week. Please join us again next Wednesday, when the session will be followed by Chancellor George Osborne's Budget.

1304 Chancellor George Osborne is widely expected to take some action in next week's Budget to help motorists, perhaps by halting a planned rise in fuel duty. In the Commons, Treasury minister Justine Greening says Labour's policy is uncertain.

1258 On Daily Politics, historian Niall Ferguson says US President Barack Obama is "dithering" over intervening in Libya because of the experience of Iraq.

1255 Green Party MP Caroline Lucas says the recent VAT rise should be scrapped "in totality", and not just on fuel, to help families.

1254 In the Commons, the Labour-led debate on fuel VAT is under way. Shadow Treasury minister Angela Eagle says families are struggling to cope with rising living costs. You can follow it all on Democracy Live.

1251 Labour MP David Lammy, a backer of AV tells Daily Politics there is a need for change.
1250 Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson tells Daily Politics that AV would not have changed the make-up of Parliament.

1251 Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt says, if AV had been in place at the last election, Gordon Brown would probably have remained in power. First-past-the-post voting allows governments to be removed, "painful" as that might be, he argues.

1250 On Daily Politics Labour's John Healey says he is "not overcome by fever" over the AV referendum. He denies any suggestion Labour is "split" as MPs are allowed to make up their own minds on the issue.

David Cameron announces Wootton Bassett is to become Royal Wootton Bassett

Ben Geoghegan
1248 From BBC political correspondent Ben Geoghegan: This was a PMQs of two halves - the first dominated by the announcement that Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire will be given the "Royal" title by the Queen. But the big political issue was the health service. Ed Miliband's challenges on the government's reforms to the NHS follow an emergency meeting of BMA doctors yesterday and opposition from many Liberal Democrats at their weekend party gathering. The PM referred to amendments to the proposals as "strengthenings". But Labour will clearly use any further changes to the plans as an opportunity to embarrass the coalition.

1245 Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the NHS reforms will reduce bureaucracy, with services getting "consistent financial support".

1243 Labour's John Healey - who says he was quoted out of context by the PM - says Labour also used some private providers for the NHS, but adds that this was properly planned. The coalition's plans are not an "evolution" of this, he adds.

1240 BBC political editor Nick Robinson says Mr Cameron wanted to avoid talking about the possibility that EU competition law could apply to the NHS under the government's changes.

1239 Shadow health secretary John Healey says Ed Miliband was "strong, confident and right" in debating the NHS with the PM.

1237 On Daily Politics the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt says Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's reforms are aimed at harnessing skills from outside the NHS, while maintaining services.

1234 Mr Cameron pays tribute to those killed and injured in the 1941 Clydebank blitz. That ends Prime Minister's Questions for this week.

1233 On nuclear power, Mr Cameron says the UK does not have the same reactor designs as in Japan. But the government will learn the lessons of the emergency there, he adds.

1232 Labour's Rushanara Ali calls for a memorial for the 1943 east London Tube disaster. The PM promises to look into the request.

1231 Lib Dem Simon Wright says Labour left 30% of children in Norwich living in poverty. Mr Cameron says the underlying causes, such as worklessness and family breakdown, must be tackled.

1230 More on "Royal" Wootton Bassett. Mr Cameron says the title is thoroughly deserved.

1229 Labour's Kelvin Hopkins likens Mr Cameron to US President Herbert Hoover and his own leader, Ed Miliband, to Franklin Roosevelt. Mr Cameron disagrees, calling the comment "greasy".

1228 Mr Cameron says universities will have to ask some "pretty searching questions" of themselves over money received from Libya's Colonel Gaddafi.

1227 The PM promises to look at the possible remutualisation of Northern Rock.

1226 Senior Conservative Bernard Jenkin also criticises those calling for AV, quoting Labour's yes campaigner Ben Bradshaw's past criticism of AV. The PM agrees.

1225 A Tory MP says the alternative vote system, to be decided in a referendum in May, is "absurd". Mr Cameron says there are different views on the issue and it is for them to put their cases across the country.

1224 Labour's Lindsay Roy asks about reports that a British rescue team has been sent away from Japan. Mr Cameron says this was an independent team which did not have the correct documents and that action was being taken to ensure they can get into Japan.

1223 Tory Matthew Hancock asks about a double murder in Suffolk. He asks for the crimes to be fully investigated. Mr Cameron says they will be.

1222 Mr Cameron says he supports the police, calling them the "finest force in the world". But a pay freeze is needed, he adds.

1221 Lib Dem Jo Swinson says the international community must not fail to oust Colonel Gaddafi. Mr Cameron says it would send a "terrible message" if he stayed in power. A no-fly zone is a vital step towards ending his regime, he adds.

1220 Labour's Jim Cunningham calls for action to help elderly people affected by homes closures. Mr Cameron says a minister will look at the issue.

1218 Tory Stephen Phillips asks about the "mess" Labour got the economy into. Mr Cameron says the government's actions to cut the deficit have cut the UK's interest rates on its debt repayments.

1216 The SNP's Angus Robertson says unemployment has fallen in Scotland and not the rest of the UK. He calls for fuel duty not to rise, arguing this could damage the recovery. Mr Cameron says he knows the pain people are feeling, due to increases put in place by the Labour government.

1216 A friendly question on the NHS. The PM says performance has not matched funding under Labour.

Ben Geoghegan
1215 From BBC political correspondent Ben Geoghegan: The House responded warmly to the announcement that Wootton Bassett is to be given the title "Royal" in recognition of the dignified way it has honoured soldiers repatriated to the UK. The politics so far has centred on the coalition's reforms to the NHS - where Labour clearly think they can capitalise on the anger expressed by some doctors to the government's plans.

1213 Mr Miliband says the PM "just doesn't get it" and is damaging the NHS. He says the Tories can't be trusted on the issue. He cites the British Medical Association's rejection of the plans. Mr Cameron says the BMA opposed many of Labour's changes and says it is "feeble" of Mr Miliband to have effectively just read out a BMA press release. That ends their ding-dong for this week.

1211 The Labour leader insists the bill will subject healthcare to EU competition law. He reads out references in the bill to the Competition Commission and the OFT. What does this have to do with healthcare, he asks. Mr Cameron accuses his opponent of .

1210 Mr Miliband asks if the Health Bill is making healthcare subject to EU competition law. Speaker John Bercow tells Labour MPs to quieten down.

1209 The NHS debate goes on. Mr Cameron says he is not reorganising NHS bureaucracy but abolishing it. Referring to Gordon Brown, Mr Cameron calls Mr Miliband "son of roadblock". Mr Miliband says the coalition is wrecking Labour's record on the NHS.

1208 Mr Miliband repeats his question on Health Bill amendments. The PM says the Labour leader should not "set his face" against NHS reform in England. They accuse each other of using "pre-scripted" questions and answers.

1207 Ed Miliband also pays tribute to Wootton Bassett. He asks whether the Health Bill will be amended following a rejection of its plans at the weekend's Lib Dem spring conference. Mr Cameron accuses Labour of allowing "cherry-picking" in the NHS when in power.

1205 Senior Tory Sir Malcolm Rifkind says a Libyan no-fly zone will not be implemented in time to stop Colonel Gaddafi's attacks on his own people. Mr Cameron replies that the UK has tabled a draft resolution on the issue to the UN. He calls on fellow leaders to take bold steps to end Col Gaddafi's rule.

1202 The session begins with the prime minister paying tribute to Lance Corporal Stephen McKee, of 1st Battalion, the Royal Irish Regiment, who was killed in Afghanistan last Wednesday. He also says military repatriations will no longer pass through Wootton Bassett from September. It will have the title "Royal" conferred on it in tribute to the way it has honoured dead soldiers over the year, he adds.

1200 Nick Robinson says he doubts that Ed Miliband will raise the no-fly zone question today.

1159 BBC political editor Nick Robinson says there is much debate about what the US will do when the question of a Libyan no-fly zone is debated at the UN later today.

1157 With less than five minutes to go, David Cameron is in his seat.

1156 In the Commons, shadow Welsh secretary Peter Hain calls for a reversal of the VAT rise on fuel. Minister David Jones replies that the rise in fuel duty, due to come in next month, is the result of a Labour policy and that Chancellor George Osborne will look again at this in next week's Budget. Expect much more of this, with a debate on the subject scheduled after Prime Minister's Questions.

1153 Shadow health secretary John Healey says the nuclear crisis in Japan is unlikely to lead Labour to have second thoughts over its support of nuclear power stations.

1151 Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who used to live in Japan, tells BBC Two's Daily Politics that stoicism is a "national virtue" there. He adds that it will recover from the devastation brought by the earthquake and tsunami.

Ben Geoghegan
1150 From BBC political correspondent Ben Geoghegan: After a difficult few days trying to get international support for a no-fly zone over Libya, expect more condemnation of Col Gaddafi from Mr Cameron. He will probably also update MPs on the UK's efforts to help in Japan. In the week before the Budget, Ed Miliband may well focus on the economy. So, watch out for further calls to reverse the VAT rise on fuel and restore the Education Maintenance Allowance.

1143 Among the MPs listed to ask questions of Mr Cameron are Labour's Gregg McClymont and Conservative Gavin Williamson.

1140 Before PM questions, Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan faces questions in the chamber. Some curious written inquiries from English MPs. Tory Philip Hollobone, who represents Kettering in Northamptonshire, wants to know about the electrification of Wales's rail network. Party colleague Andrew Stephenson, the MP for Pendle in Lancashire, has a query on broadband coverage.

1135 Giving his expert views today will be BBC political correspondent Ben Geoghegan. And, via BBC Two's Daily Politics, we will have the insights of Conservative Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Labour's shadow health secretary, John Healey.

David Cameron
Hello and welcome to our coverage of Prime Minister's Questions. With just a week to go until the Budget, all eyes are on the economy. But we can expect some discussion of the continuing crisis in Libya and the terrible events in Japan.

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