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Tuesday, 5 September, 2000, 17:12 GMT 18:12 UK
Hague's 17 new policies

William Hague unveils his draft manifesto
The Conservative Party's draft manifesto contains 121 pledges: 104 re-announcements of previous policies and 17 new ones.

The new policy statements in the draft manifesto are:

  • "On taking office, reviewing the operation of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers legislation."

  • "Asking the Competition Commission to review British Telecom's market power in local internet connections, and looking for ways of reducing costs to industry and the consumer of accessing the internet."

  • "Speeding up the DTI's procedures for granting licences to new telecoms operators."

  • "Radically deregulating telecommunications, which is especially necessary with the advent of digital television. In particular, we are considering establishing a single regulator for the convergent communication technologies."

  • "Introduce a new safety strategy with new powers for the police to confiscate the cars of people who drive without proper insurance, MOT, or licence."

  • "Encourage new forms of cooperation between bus and coach services, school transport schemes, NHS transport, and dial-a-ride schemes."

  • "We will increase the supply of doctors and nurses and offer exceptional incentives for trained staff to return to the NHS, to increase our capacity to deliver the 'patient's guarantee'."

  • "Progressively endowing universities for the future so they are no longer dependent on government funding. We will look at ways of directing future government receipts from, for example, auctions of radio spectrum, and future privatisation proceeds and asset sales, towards creating endowment funds for universities. Using one-off gains in this way would not only free the universities from dependency, it would also be better value for the taxpayer then simply using asset sales to reduce government debt."

  • "We will establish a stronger link between the money raised by local councils and the money they spend. In particular we will create 'free councils' - councils which can demonstrate high levels of local democratic participation and financial efficiency, will be able to apply for much greater freedom from central government intervention and regulation."

  • "Ensure that crime reduction and improvements in the standards of education are prerequisites for any major investment in housing or new buildings and job creation."

    "Introduce new legislation to enable communities and landlords with proper safeguards, to deal with bad neighbours who, by their behaviour, undermine the efforts of the community to improve the neighbourhood. Too often these bad neighbours fail to pay their rent, and despoil the area, yet there is nothing that the community can do about them."

  • "Get rid once and for all of the worst of the tower blocks or large estates, which were built so badly in the sixties and seventies that no community can be expected to prosper until they are removed. In their place we will seek to restore a more varied urban landscape of mixed tenure housing and enterprise."

  • "Ensure that local tenants can see more clearly how their housing association or housing manager compares on tenant involvement, repairs and other services. We will stimulate greater local competition between providers where hitherto there has been a local monopoly and ensure that local councils encourage choice and better quality service provision.

    "Plan the progressive transfer of the remaining council-owned houses to new ownership and management while ensuring at all stages that tenants are fully involved and consulted."

  • "Encourage housing associations and other landlords to become more closely involved with the management of the appearance and tranquillity of the neighbourhood, working with other authorities to deal with problems of graffiti and litter."

  • "Reform the distribution of public money to the arts to ensure maximum benefit to arts and artists."

  • "Streamline the way sport is organised, and trust responsible governing bodies with funds to raise achievement and nurture grassroots participation."

  • "The best way to achieve higher pensions in the future is by more genuine funding of pensions. We wish to enable young people to build up a funded alternative to the basic pension for the future. No one would be forced to change. The basic state pension would continue to be paid as now, not merely to current pensioners but to people of working age and new entrants who want it in the future. We will consult on how best to offer this new option of funded pensions for young people."

  • "Bring together responsibility for trade policy, negotiations and export promotion in a new Foreign, Commonwealth and Trade Office. This will remove duplication and further orientate Britain's diplomatic efforts towards trade and commerce."

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