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US and Russian nuclear arsenals

US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, signed a landmark nuclear arms treaty in the Czech capital, Prague on Thursday.

The treaty commits the former Cold War enemies to each reduce the number of deployed strategic warheads to 1,550 - 30% lower than the previous ceiling. Here is a breakdown of their respective arsenals.

USAUS Flag RUSSIARussia Flag
Intercontinental ballistic missile
Minuteman Topol
Name No. Warheads Name No. Warheads
Minuteman* 450 550 SS-18 (Satan) 50 500
SS-19 (Stiletto) 60 360
SS-25 (Sickle) 150 150
SS-27 (Topol)* 71 80
SUBTOTAL 450 550 331 1,090
Submarine-launched ballistic missiles
US, Trident SS-N-23 (Skiff)
Name No. Warheads Name No. Warheads
Trident 288 1,152 SS-N-18 M1 (Stingray) 64 192
(Skiff & Sineva)
96 384
SUBTOTAL 288 1,152 144 576
US, bomber Blackjack
Name No. Warheads Name No. Warheads
B52 Stratofortress 44 350 Tu-95 (Bear) 62 682
B-2A Spirit* 16 150 Tu-160 (Blackjack)* 13 156
SUBTOTAL 60 500 75 838
Nonstrategic (short-range) forces
US nonstrategic S-300 Grumble
Name No. Warheads Name No. Warheads
Tomahawk* cruise missile 325 100 53T6 (Gazelle) 68 68
B61 bombs 400 SA-10 (Grumble)* 1,900 630
Bombers/fighters 524 650
Subs/Ships/Air 700
SUBTOTAL 325 500 1,492 2,000
TOTAL 1,123 2,702 2,042 4,600
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Note: Names in brackets are those used by Nato. Those names with an "*" next to them are pictured. The data for the US relates to 2009. That for Russia, 2010.

Photo Credits: Getty, AFP, , GlobalSecurity.Org

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