'If I were Prime Minister...'

What's the one thing you would do if you were Prime Minister?

We have been asking some of you during the general election campaign. Check out our video wall below by clicking on the faces to find what people (including some you might recognise!) have said so far...


Don't agree with their ideas? Think you could do better?
Want your view or area to be represented?
Then prove it by telling us what you would do if you were Prime Minister.

What would you do if you had the keys to Number 10? What would your key policy be? What single issue is most important to you? What one thing would you do to make things better?

Send us a short video clip, and we'll showcase it on BBC News.

And you can click here to tell us who would be in your fantasy cabinet


Send your videos to yourpics@bbc.co.uk, or text them to 61124.

If you are filming via webcam or have a large file you can upload here.

To make your 'If I were Prime Minister' video clip, here are some guidelines:

  • Your clip must be a maximum length of 50 seconds.
  • Introduce yourself, tell us your age, your circumstances and then tell us what you would do if you were prime minister.
    Eg: "My name is X, I'm XX and work as a XXXXXXX, and if I were Prime Minister, I would...."

Please read our terms and conditions before submitting your video. We reserve the right not to publish videos if editorially inappropriate.

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