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Rudi Vis MP: Foreign trips and rule breaches

Rudi Vis
Rudi Vis is the MP for Finchley and Golders Green

A BBC investigation has revealed that more than 20 MPs have breached rules in relation to registering and declaring overseas trips paid for by foreign governments.

The trips taken by Rudi Vis, and a reply from his office are detailed below.


Labour MP for Finchley and Golders Green Rudi Vis visited Cyprus in October 2005 paid for by the Morphou Municipality (in exile) and again in October 2008 paid for by the Morphou Municipality (in exile). He registered the second trip on 28 October 2008.

Mr Vis was the primary sponsor of an early day motion (EDM) on 27 October 2009 about the Famagusta Annual Rally.

Despite the motion being tabled within a year of the registration of his second visit to Cyprus, Mr Vis did not fulfil the requirements of the code of conduct by declaring an interest.

There were no rule breaches in relation to Mr Vis's trip of 2005.


Mr Vis's PA replied to the BBC on the MP's behalf, saying: "These two trips were of course declared in the Register of Members' Interests. Whenever Rudi has made representations to government departments or spoken in the House he has also always declared an interest.

"I am surprised if he has missed declaring an interest when putting down this EDM but perhaps it was missed somewhere along the line."

Other MPs who have breached the rules:

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