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Eye-catching MP expenses claims

Thanks for your emails about MP expenses claims. Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the more eye-catching details spotted so far of MPs' claims under the second home allowance for 2008/9 - you can send us anything else you spot using the postform at the bottom of this page. If and when we have a response from the MP concerned we will add it:

James Arbuthnot - Claimed for three four piece garlic peelers, bought at a cost of £43 from the QVC Shopping channel. He also claimed repairs to mower of £451.88

The documents are published on Parliament's website
Each MP's expenses dating back to 2004 are gathered together by name
The new documents are headed "Personal Additional Accommodation Expenditure 2009-2010" and "Additional Cost Allowance 2008-09"
Second home designations have also been published
Find out how much your MP claimed in total - or download the details -

Richard Bacon - Wrote to Commons office in June 2009 to say his second home - an ex-council flat - had become "too expensive" under the new expenses rules and he was moving out. He now claims for hotel stays of £182.85 a night

John Bercow - Flipped second home designation in Apr-Jun 09 before becoming Speaker. Received a letter in January 2007 from the Fees Office complaining he had not provided a mortgage interest statement (required annually) for more than two years. Received a letter on 23 May 08 saying he had submitted outdated supporting documents for his 'service/maintenance' claim. His spokesman said: "The Speaker opted to make London his principal resident once the schooling arrangements of his children were settled. He will not claim ACA (the second homes allowance) while Speaker."

Graham Brady - Submitted a reminder for overdue gas bill of £226

Gordon Brown - Claimed £500 for repainting summer house in the garden of his constituency home "some months ago". Downing Street says he has repaid the money although they say it was under the rules. It is not clear if it is part of the money Mr Brown has already said he was repaying

Des Browne - Changed his second home within London. He says he moved to cheaper property after rent went up to £1800 a month

Liam Byrne: Claimed for a king size bed and mattress. Separate claim for a £50.92 "air bed" was rejected.

David Cameron - Was written to by Commons authorities about receipt missing from his claim. Receipt was provided. A Tory spokesman said that was the end of the matter

Ben Chapman - Claimed for two TVs in the space of two months. £449 for a 32" Panasonic LCD TV in June 2008. Also claimed £259 for a Samsung 19" TV in July 2008. Tried to claim £230 for a garden trellis in May 2008. It was rejected but then agreed after he appealed saying it was replacing a trellis that already existed. Claimed £270 for varnishing of coffee table, chests and kitchen table. Claimed for over £600 worth of curtains from the Peter Jones department store

David Chaytor - Had a claim rejected for £585 for a stove in April 2009. Had also successfully claimed £299 for a new oven in November 2008

Sir Patrick Cormack - In November 2008 he claimed a £2.97 pack of 24 cedar balls, £4.26 Cedarwood refresher spray and a £8.49 moth trap

Alistair Darling - Claimed £48 for redecorating front door. He told BBC 5 Live someone had written something "uncomplimentary" on it

Quentin Davies - Denies trying to claim on expenses the £20,700 cost of rebuilding a bell tower. Was paid £5,376 for "essential" repairs to constituency home and wrote to fees office to stress he had not claimed or been paid for bell tower work listed as paid on an invoice

Jim Devine - Claimed twice within a year for refurbishing the bathroom at his London home. The first bill in mid-2008 came to £1350 and the second bill, came to £1632. Mr Devine has defended the claim saying the first was simple redecoration including new tiles - but says his house was flooded for more than six weeks later that year and the bathroom destroyed

Barbara Follett - Claimed £487.65 for window cleaning for a five-month period and £650 for pest control. Claimed for an automatic watering system

Andrew George - Had a claim for a £9.99 hairdryer rejected

Michael Gove - Received a final notice to pay a £1,734.38 council tax bill in May 2008 or face legal summons. Paid the bill in full.

Sir Alan Haselhurst - Claimed £100 for logs and £36 for cleaning "a playhouse". (Sir Alan has since pointed out the £36 was for window cleaning at his whole property including an outhouse used as a games room and workshop and "playhouse" had been put down for short on the invoice)

Mark Hendrick - Claimed £6,250.25 for replacing paths, painting fences and repairing gates. Withdrew £450 claim for replacing plants and shrubs.

Douglas Hogg - No mentions of moats in his claims which include a £20 toaster and £2.99 for refuse bags

Phil Hope - Receipts with claims include £2 Morrisons hamburger maker, £5 for a potato peeler and £6.50 for a Swiss Roll tray

Jim Knight - Claimed for life insurance which was a condition of his mortgage policy. Paid back all the money, amounting to "about £900".

Robert Key - Claimed £58.75 for removing screw from a waste disposal unit and £84.60 for replacement "transmitters" to open electronic gates at his property

David Miliband - Got a final reminder for £79.91 from a utility provider, reminder from South Tyneside council threatening recovery proceedings for overdue £64.44 council tax bill

Margaret Moran - Her infamous £22,500 dry rot claim was made in September 2008. She has claimed nothing under the second home allowance in the first quarter of this financial year

Elliot Morley - Claimed £12.90 for a "faithful plastic hawk" - BBC 5 Live listeners advise that it is something for carrying cement on, not a comedy bird

Lembit Opik - Paid electrician from his Welsh constituency to travel 418 miles to deal with emergency electrical problems at London flat. Same firm made second 316 mile visit to MP's home to replace light switches and rewire lights. The cost of the two jobs totalled £1,791.52

George Osborne - Was told there was insufficient sums in his allowance to pay all his claim

Mike Penning - Claimed £64.80 for two meals at a hotel in Gibraltar. Was visiting army medical corps in capacity as shadow health minister

Andrew Selous - 55p mug of Horlicks from House of Commons members' tea room

Jacqui Smith - The infamous claim for adult movies was made during the year in question. the ex-home secretary also claimed for a £555.74 Panasonic 32" widescreen HD TV

Robert Syms - Had £359 for a bunk bed rejected with the explanation "living costs for any one other than yourself are not permitted"

Paddy Tipping - £50 claim for "dog minding" while his flat was being re-decorated was rejected

Ed Vaizey - Got £680 for a carpet in the master bedroom and nursery

Sir Peter Viggers - Had a claim for £10,526 knocked down to £299.16 with the explanation "spoken to Sir Peter, not appropriate to claim interest on increased borrowing taken to free equity of house. Agreed to reimburse interest equivalent to borrowing." He also claimed £699.75 for manufacture and supply of box shutters for a window. The "Duck Island MP" also claimed £115 from a firm who say they are "specialists in bird proofing/cleaning. He told the BBC: "I have always consulted the fees office and taken their advice."

John Whittingdale - In June 2009 had £35 laundry claim rejected after being told it was no longer claimable. He had claimed regularly for shirt cleaning before that

Bill Wiggin - Appears to have tried three times to claim his house insurance. It has been rejected each time

David Wilshire - Had claim for replacement £341 TV rejected because it was claimed in the wrong year

Shaun Woodward - His electricity bill for one quarter of 2008 appears to have been £1056

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