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The Record: Europe

2 May edition
Lucy Thomas

Next month millions of people across the EU will be voting for thousands of candidates in the European Parliamentary elections.

But will they know what they are voting for?

As the campaign picks up we've brought together five current members of the parliament to explain where they stand on some of the key issues that could sway people's choices at the ballot box.

The five MEPs in the hot seat are:

• Jean Luc Dehaene, former prime minister of Belgium and an MEP from in the centre-right European People's Party
• Hannes Swoboda, an Austrian Social Democrat, and vice president of the European Socialist Group
• Diana Wallis, a vice president of the Parliament, a British Liberal democrat who sits with the European Liberals and Democrats
• Raul Romeva i Rueda, from the Spanish Green party who sits with the European Greens and European Free Alliance
• Hanne Dahl, co-leader of the broadly eurosceptic Independence and Democracy group

The politicians from the Parliament's main political groups face three people who represent some of the most vocal and powerful interests in the EU - Europe's business and industry, its trade unions and its environmentalists.

Topic 1: Trade unions

Questions on trade unions and the freedom of movement from John Monks, general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation.


Record Europe on freedom of movement

Topic 2: Business and industry

Questions on business and industry and the single market from Philippe de Buck, director general of Business Europe.


Record Europe on business and industry

Topic 3: Environmentalism

Questions on energy, climate change and environmentalism from Mahi Sideridou, managing director of Greenpeace's European office.


Record Europe on environmentalism

The Record: Europe examines the key moments in the political week in Brussels and Strasbourg and focuses on the work of the European Parliament and European Commission.

It is broadcast on BBC Parliament on Saturdays at 2300 GMT, Sundays at 1700 GMT and Mondays at 1000 GMT, on BBC World on Saturdays at 1330 GMT and Sundays at 0630 GMT and on the BBC News channel on Sundays at 0530 GMT and Mondays at 0330 GMT.

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