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YouTube MEP Hannan rallies Tories

By Brian Wheeler
Political reporter, BBC News, Tory Spring Forum, Cheltenham

Daniel Hannen says Gordon Brown has "emptied our treasury and exhausted our credit"

The Tory MEP who became a worldwide hit on YouTube with a scathing attack on Gordon Brown has rallied the troops at the party's spring conference.

Daniel Hannan received a standing ovation from the party faithful in Cheltenham after making a rousing call for a referendum on the EU treaty.

He accused Labour of betraying British democracy by refusing a vote.

He also spoke of his now famous speech in the European Parliament which received 2 million YouTube hits.

He told delegates Mr Brown "literally could not listen to criticism".

Mr Hannan described how the PM had "ostentatiously" yawned, scribbled notes and grinning "like the glint of moonlight on a silver coffin" as he delivered a three minute oration in his presence.

In the European Parliament speech, he accused Mr Brown of being a "discredited" prime minister.

Mr Hannan was invited to address the conference after a campaign by grass roots Tories on the Conservative Home website.

In a staunchly anti-Federalist speech, he said the Conservatives were not against Europe but in favour of democracy.

It comes as Tory leader prepares to launch a fresh campaign for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, ahead of the European elections on 4 June.

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