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Tory views: Labour's leader?

Who among the likely contenders in any Labour leadership contest would Conservative members like to face at a general election?


Keith Mans
Gordon Brown. The problem with Blair and Brown is that they are locked in a fairly vitriolic embrace. People think it is time for a change but it is difficult for Brown to turn around and say this is new, it is going to be different. Having said that, I don't see anyone else who could do it either on the Labour benches.


Alastair Little
I would like to see Gordon Brown lead the Labour Party into the next election. Although if they changed leader it would show they are in even more disarray. They could put in a leader just to lose the election and then start again. I'm not sure who else they could go for. I have heard James Purnell is very good. I wouldn't fear him though. I don't think they will have Miliband. My personal view is that people will think he is a bit weird. He looks like he wants the job and the power too much.


Pam Oakley
I don't think there is anyone. I think they have run out of ideas. I think they have got to go through the same processes that we went through 15 years ago. We were going down the hole and we needed new ideas and new faces. They have got to reassess themselves. So there is nobody there I feel could take it over.


Christine Woollard
Gordon Brown. At least we know where we are with him. He has been a bit of a gift for the Conservatives. The only one we would really fear taking over would be Jack Straw - he is like a John Major type. People might warm to that. But I think we should be more worried about the Lib Dem leader. He is very young and fresh, I think he will impress a lot of former Labour voters who don't want to vote Conservative.


Donald Potter
Gordon Brown. But I don't think it makes any difference. Brown is now tainted. When we were canvassing in Crewe, solid Labour party people were saying 'I am not voting for this lot'. And they were not switching to the Lib Dems, as they might have done in the past, they were voting Tory.


It will be Gordon Brown because he won't stand down. If he had longer fingernails he would be using them to stop him being pulled out of Number 10. They don't really have many other options though. As a communicator, Alan Johnson is more effective. Miliband is Blair lite. But I don't think they have successfully persuaded their own audience they need a change.

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