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Delegate views: Will Labour win?

By Brian Wheeler
BBC News, Labour conference, Manchester

Do Labour conference delegates think the party will win the next general election?


Elaine Daley
Nobody knows. It is all hanging in the balance at the moment. Gordon's speech helped to allay some of the fears but there is still a lot of hard work to do. Everybody needs to pull together and stop all of the leadership muttering. Ruth Kelly's resignation hasn't helped at all. We also need to work harder on the doorstep. And we need that extra bit of inspiration. I think we got a bit from Gordon and I thought Hazel Blears' speech was brilliant.


Lisa Homan
We have a better chance after this week. In 1992, we were a long way ahead in the polls and we lost, so anything is possible. The Tories will be exposed for their weaknesses - they don't have anything substantial to offer people. Gordon Brown may not be fantastic media character but he is a good leader.


Tony Lewis
We have got to win, as far as I am concerned, personally. I remember what this country was like when it was run by the Conservatives. Hopefully we will keep Gordon Brown, because he keeps us all together. He is the best person to lead us into the fourth era. You cannot rely on the polls - it's 18 months before the next election. Anything can happen.


Jamie Carswell
I am much more comfortable about saying we will win than I was at the start of the conference. It is going to be really close. Yesterday's speech really did enthuse the party. You have got to talk up the things you are going to deliver and talk about values and fairness. You have got to go out there and persuade people you are the best party to lead Britain. The polls are just a snaphot in time.


David and Linda Brede
Never mind a fourth term, lets go for a fifth, sixth and seventh term! I can remember what a Tory government was like and I don't want to go back to that. I think the curent problems have done us a favour. Whatever people may think about Gordon Brown, that he is shy and not good on camera, they know he has got the confidence of other world leaders when he is dealing with the global economic crisis.


I think when people come to make choice at the election they might think again before choosing the Tories. Do they really want someone like David Cameron, who made huge misakes with the economy 15 years ago? Mr Cameron was at Norman Lamont's side. He was his adviser during Black Wednesday.

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