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Conference views: Tax changes?

By Emma Griffiths
BBC News, Labour Party conference, Manchester

What tax changes would people attending the Labour Party conference like to see?

Terry Paul

I would like them to look at personal and corporate taxation so it pays to work and incentivises companies to create jobs. I think it's good to incentivise people to work hard and it helps their aspirations as individuals. I'm not in favour of a windfall tax. I think it's a very simplistic argument. These issues are long term, the sustainability of our energy policy, what happens next year, the third and fourth years to people's bills. I think we need a more sensible debate. Where would you tax the profits? Most [firms] are foreign owned.

Anita Thorpe

I would be in favour of this windfall tax. I think the price rises they have put are obscene, 5 or 10% you can accept but the amount they have put it up - they are really milking the system. You get people who are self employed and they are paying less [income] tax than me. When I worked in a factory, I was low paid, but my nephew had his own business and he was paying less tax than me. They have just got good accountants.

Andrew McCormick

The idea of a windfall tax is an appealing one. I think we should explore all options with the fuel companies at the moment. I have asked that they bring in legislation to curb price rises and give a fairer deal, especially to low income families. Income tax is a bit of a controversial issue. There was a lot of howling and protests at the abolition of the 10p tax rate, people forgot it was Gordon Brown who brought it in in the first place. I don't think we should be going after taxing people, I think we should be looking at closing some of the loopholes that high earners and companies are able to exploit.

Sylvia Jones

I think there should be a windfall tax because I think the gas and electricity companies put the money up and are still making good profits. Profit is not a dirty word, it's what you do with the profits. One of the things I think is wrong with all these utility firms is the big payouts they give to the people at the top. That's wrong if the workers' salaries have got to be curbed then they should get the same. I think we have got to be very careful we are not driving the people in the top bracket out of the country [by raising income tax on high earners] because if they go out, we lose all the money then.

Dan Ratcliffe

I agree with a higher tax on higher earners - it has to be actual higher earners, my parents were teachers and they got taxed at the same rate as multi-millionnaire business owners. It has to be for the super rich. And on the windfall tax, absolutely, I'm not a motorist myself but the rate we are paying for petrol now is ridiculous, it's obscene. We do need to be having less companies making ridiculous profits at a time when others are suffering massively. It's absolutely right they should be contributing and giving something back.

Frank Foster

I'm not saying that the rich should be paying more. I think people who work hard to achieve something and make a success they should be entitled to have the benefits. Also there are rich people who are generous, I see Mrs Rowling gave this party 1m. But I am in favour of a windfall tax, all of us in this country, we all pay too much in gas, electricity and water.

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