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Prime minister's questions - 25 June


"Happy Anniversary, prime minister". Ok, it was never likely that David Cameron would give his Commons opponent a jolly congratulation at Prime Minister's questions, on the anniversary week of his first year in office.


But after some sombre discussion of the crisis in Zimbabwe, Mr Cameron was determined to turned to the dire state of the Labour Party's finances, accusing it of being 'in hoc' to the trades unions, with more than 90% of its funding coming from union sources.

His attack was barbed with mentions of a possible series of strikes this summer - all part of an attack claiming that Mr Brown is "lurching to the left".

Unfortunately for Mr Brown, Mr Cameron dug out an old quote from his predecessor, Tony Blair, that warned against reliance on the unions.

And he accused Labour of agreeing with the unions to look at reform the laws on taking strike action. But the PM said he had no plans to alter that legislation, and accused the Tory leader of ducking important decisions on a whole range of issues.

But despite the special occasion, neither man was at his best. David Cameron performing a bit below par, with Mr Brown on slightly better form than lately. This week, many in Westminster will casting their minds back to the historic moments of the PM' s move to number 10 last year.

But don't expect this week's session in the House of Commons to linger in the political memory.



The Daily Politics' analysis of Prime Minister's Questions. Andrew Neil and Anita Anand are joined by Nick Robinson, Chris Bryant and Sayeeda Warsi.


1231 Mr Brown was asked by a Conservative MP if his first year as PM was "Temple of Doom" or "Casino Royale" - a reference to Mr Brown's enjoyment of Indiana Jones and Mr Cameron being a James Bond buff. The PM listed his government's achievements.

1230 Mr Brown said the public wanted further action on changing organ donor cards rules.

1229 Tory MP Peter Bottomley asked Mr Brown about planned new restrictions on gaming machine operators in seaside towns. Mr Brown said the government was consulting on the changes and also on allowing bingo halls to have more gaming machines.

1225 Labour MP Karen Buck asked about problems with free travel for children in London. Mr Brown said the transport secretary would be in touch with the London mayor "very soon" to address this.

1224 Tory MP Hugo Swire asked about the threatened closure of a school in his East Devon constituency. Mr Brown said he would listen to the proposal and listed Labour's record on education.

1223 Answering a question on border security, Mr Brown urged the Conservatives to drop its opposition to ID cards.

1222 Answering a question from a DUP MP, Mr Brown said the IRA's army council should be brought to an end "as soon as possible".

1221 Mr Brown said the minister of justice will bring forward legislation on witness anonymity on Thursday - saying it was vital to fight organised crime.

1218 Mr Brown accused Mr Cameron of ducking the big issues and lacking substance, saying "for him politics is just showbusiness".

1217 Mr Cameron called on Mr Brown, on the first anniversary of his premiership, to hold an election if he wanted to ask questions. He insisted the PM was not ruling out changes, saying unions provide 92% of Labour's income amid a wave of strikes. He accused Mr Brown of "lurching to the left" on the unions and asked him to declare New Labour dead.

1216 Mr Brown said he had no plans to change employment laws and asked if the Conservatives to support the government's public sector pay negotiations.

1215 Mr Cameron used his second set of questions to quiz Mr Brown about the "wave" of public sector strikes, asking if he would relax trade union laws brought in by the Tories.

1211 Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg called for Ghurka veterans to be given British citizenship. Mr Brown listed the help that was already being given to Ghurkas and said post 1997 veterans were given citizenship and pension rights.

1207 Mr Cameron said any individuals "complicit" with the regime must "examine their own conscience" and travel and financial sanctions should be extended to family members and associates of the regime.

1205 Mr Brown said the government was bound by international law when it came to recognising Zimbabwe at international summits but the UK did not recognise the legitimacy of the government or elections.

1204 Conservative leader David Cameron welcomed the sporting sanctions against Zimbabwe and Mr Brown's pledge to work with the UN and other African nations for a peaceful outcome. He asked what Mr Brown meant by not recognising the legitimacy of Mr Mugabe's government.

1203 On Zimbabwe, Mr Brown says there will be enhanced travel sanctions against named members of Mugabe's regime. He said the culture secretary was looking at measures to stop any Zimbabwe cricket next year.

1201 Mr Brown says the government will be bringing forward early next week emergency legislation to deal with a court ruling on witnesses being able to give anonymous evidence.

1200 Gordon Brown begins by sending condolences to the families of two servicemen killed in Afghanistan.

1130: A very busy day at Westminster. Stuart Wheeler has lost his court battle to get a referendum on the EU treaty - but has vowed to appeal. There are four reports into government data losses - most notably on the child benefit details that were lost late last year. The recommended changes to MPs' expenses have also been set out. After PMQs there is the threat of a Labour rebellion over the Planning Bill. And Gordon Brown is widely tipped to announce some sporting sanctions against Zimbabwe.


When will Britain be made a democracy of one person one vote and all votes being equal? When can a democracy be implemented so that we can separately elect a PM and the MP's? John Anson, Camelford, United Kingdom

When will tax on fuel be cut to a fairer level? Nick, Stoke

Please can we have proportional representation, and proper democracy? I want to have a choice at the next election. Fred Zukes, Reading, United Kingdom

It seems he really does prefer asking the questions than answering so maybe he should call a general election and cross the floor. Anon, London, United Kingdom


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