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In full: Draft legislative programme

Here is a full list of bills announced in the government's draft legislative programme:

Banking reform bill

Measures to allow the Bank of England, Treasury and Financial Services Authority to intervene earlier to prevent another Northern Rock-style bank crisis.

Covers: Whole of UK.

Saving Gateway bill

New savings scheme for the low-paid, with a government contribution for every pound saved.

Covers: Whole of UK.

Business rates supplement bill

To give county councils, unitary authorities and the London Assembly powers to levy a surcharge on the business rate for local economic development.

Covers: England and Wales only.

Marine and coastal access bill

Simplify management of coastline and open it up to more leisure activities.

Covers: Some parts will cover whole of UK, others some parts of the UK. Government will work with devolved administrations on responsibilities in their areas.

Heritage protection bill

More transparent and simpler system for management of historic sites.

Covers: Whole of UK for cultural provisions, England and Wales only for heritage protection.

Education and skills bill

Promote "fair access" to schools and improve performance of weakest schools. Give parents the right to regular information on children's progress, grant workers the right to ask employers for training, create an independent qualifications system.

Covers: Some parts whole of UK, some England only, others England and Wales only, or England, Wales and Northern Ireland only.

Equality bill

Streamline 40 years of piecemeal laws covering sex, race and religious discrimination. Increase transparency and improve enforcement and allow political parties to use all-women shortlists until 2030.

Covers: England, Wales and Scotland.

Welfare reform bill

Long-term unemployed forced to start training courses or face benefit cuts - all unemployed people to have their skills assessed when they first claim.

Covers: England, Wales and Scotland. Government will work with Northern Ireland Executive on its responsibilities in this area.

Policing and crime reduction bill

Plan to cut police red tape, clampdown on anti-social behaviour and binge drinking in public places, more local control of police through directly elected representatives, improve recovery of criminal assets.

Covers: Some parts cover whole of UK, others do not.

Transport security bill

UK airports forced to tighten up security. Creates new offences relating to acts of terrorism at sea, including using a ship to transport weapons of mass destruction. Giving Royal Navy new powers to tackle piracy.

Covers: Whole of the UK.

Communications data bill

New procedures for gathering and retaining data from internet service providers and phone companies for the purposes of investigating serious crime and terrorism. Incorporates EU directive on data gathering into UK law.

Covers: Whole of UK.

Law reform, victims and witnesses bill

Introduce different degrees of homicide including provocation, diminished responsibility, complicity and infanticide - subject to consultation. More video links in court to protect vulnerable witnesses. Prevent criminals profiting from memoirs. Strengthen data protection by giving Information Commissioner more audit powers. Sentencing Commission to monitor prison population and advise courts.

Covers: Will vary for different parts of the bill.

Citizenship, immigration and borders bill

Support setting-up of UK Borders Agency and earned citizenship scheme. Streamline existing immigration laws.

Covers: Whole of UK.

Coroners and death certification bill

Establish national coroners service, with full-time coroners working to minimum standards and right of appeal for bereaved families. New medical examiners to examine cause of death given by doctors.

Covers: England and Wales only, with some minor provisions applying in Northern Ireland.

National Health Service reform bill

Link hospital funding to performance by using patient experience to measure quality of care. Publish NHS constitution, greater autonomy for Primary Care Trusts, more choice for patients - subject to recommendations in Lord Darzi's review to be published in the summer.

Covers: England only.

Constitutional renewal bill

Independent Commission for the Civil Service to protect impartiality. MPs given final say on treaties. Stripping Attorney General of right to intervene in prosecutions. Reducing role of Lord Chancellor in appointing judges below High Court level. Stripping prime minister of role in appointing Supreme Court judges. Removing restrictions on protests in Westminster.

Covers: England and Wales only, some provisions extend to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Community empowerment, housing and economic regeneration bill

Involve communities more in design and delivery of local services - including possible right of response to petitions. Streamline regional governance and boost economic role. More cooperation between local authorities. Improve operation of construction contracts.

Covers: England only but construction provisions apply to England and Wales.

Geneva Conventions and United Nations personnel bill

Fulfil commitment to adopt new humanitarian emblem (a red crystal) and ratify the Third Protocol of the Geneva Convention signed by UK in 2006. Extending the protection afforded to UN personnel to workers delivering humanitarian, political or development goals.

Covers: Whole of UK.

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