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At-a-glance: Citizenship ideas
Ex-attorney general Lord Goldsmith has published his review of British citizenship. Here are some of the key suggestions in his report:

  • A "small" council tax discount for people who complete volunteer work in the community, like organising neighbourhood recycling projects, helping children to learn to read in schools or setting up a residents' association
  • Reduction in university tuition fees and student loans for university undergraduates who carry out volunteer work
  • Extending citizenship ceremonies to all young people, with the possibility of incorporating the oath of allegiance to the Queen and the pledge of commitment to the UK
  • A British national day by 2012, to coincide with the Olympics and what will be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  • Reform or scrapping of Britain's old Treason laws
  • A review of the current ban on asylum seekers taking paid jobs
  • Reducing the fee charged for becoming a British citizen from 655, with a larger discount for foreigners who apply as soon as they become eligible
  • Creation of a new National Citizens' Corps, whose members could provide advice to others on training and development in citizenship
  • Setting up a new "Deliberation Day" to be held before each General Election to encourage political debate and other events
  • A special citizenship ceremony to be hosted each year and possibly attended by the prime minister and a senior royal, to recognise "outstanding acts of volunteering"
  • The setting up of "Investors in Communities" - a title earned by businesses which allow staff paid time to carry out community work
  • Foreigners applying for citizenship should follow a new credits-based system under which they would earn points for various activities in the community. For instance, working in key jobs, like the NHS, could earn additional credits

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