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Last Updated: Monday, 28 January 2008, 12:35 GMT
In full: Derek Conway's response
Here is the full text of Derek Conway's response to the critical Standards and Privileges Committee report into his employment of his son:

The Committee was entitled to reach the conclusions it did and I have accepted their criticisms fully, apologised for my administrative short-comings and shall make a full personal apology to the House at the appropriate time.

The Commissioner in his report accepted that there was a need for the tasks I had set my son, that he was qualified to undertake them and that he did indeed do so.

The Committee has questioned the extent of that work and I accept they are entitled to have reached that conclusion.

The pay-scales available to MPs for their staff are published and on the basis of those figures I paid my son 6% above the mid-point of the lowest scale and, as the Commissioner notes in his report, well below the upper level.

However I accept that what is retrospectively considered an "appropriate sum" was a matter for the Committee and I shall comply fully with their requirements.

I shall make no further comment on the matter until my statement to the House.

Tory MP Conway faces suspension
28 Jan 08 |  UK Politics

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