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Respect agenda 'ditched' - Tories
The Newlove family, with Garry in the centre
Mr Newlove (centre) confronted a gang outside his Cheshire home

The government has given up on its "respect agenda", which was intended to cut youth crime, Conservative leader David Cameron has said.

He said the murder of Garry Newlove, kicked to death by three teenagers, proved the UK needed "massive social, cultural and political change".

There must be "a moment when we say enough is enough", he told BBC News.

Commons Leader Harriet Harman has insisted the government was determined to take action against violent crime.

Mr Newlove, a 47-year-old sales manager, died last August after confronting a group of rowdy youths outside his home in Warrington, Cheshire.

'Big challenge'

It emerged one of those convicted of killing him - Adam Swellings, 19 - had been bailed two days before he was involved in the attack.

He ignored bail conditions and went on a binge of alcohol and drugs with fellow gang members.

David Cameron
Mr Cameron said discipline began at home, with "strong" families

Mr Cameron said that "a look" at the bail process was required, bearing in mind that "we've got to put protecting the public first, right through the system".

He stressed the need "to take back our streets, to resocialise our society and to recognise that every one of us has a responsibility in doing that".

Prime Minister Gordon Brown had "ditched" the "respect agenda" put in place by his predecessor Tony Blair, Mr Cameron added.

Bail breaches

"When he identified his big challenges of the year, crime wasn't amongst them," he said.

"Well, I think it is absolutely one of the biggest challenges this country faces."

We all want to learn the lessons of that terrible crime
Harriet Harman

Earlier Labour's MP in Warrington North, Helen Jones, called for a Commons debate on bail breaches.

She has already contacted the attorney general, demanding an inquiry into why Swellings was freed and what steps were taken to encourage him to comply with the terms of his bail.

"My understanding is that Adam Swellings had a history of offences and breaching court orders," Mrs Jones said in the Commons.

Underage drinking

There were "serious questions" to be asked, she said.

Ms Harman promised to raise those concerns with Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Adam Swellings
Swellings had been ordered to avoid the town where he went on to kill

Children's Minister Beverley Hughes said: "We have been determined to enable the police and local authorities to take a zero-tolerance approach to unacceptable antisocial behaviour, and the Respect programme has been an important part of that action.

"The Respect programme has been successful in reducing the problems in many areas and most of its commitments have been met.

"Our new Youth Taskforce incorporates parents and builds on the work of the Respect programme to tackle the root causes of anti-social behaviour."

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne, described the case as "appalling".

He said it highlighted how important it was "to put more police on the beat and prosecute those who sell alcohol to people who are underage or have drunk to excess".

"Court conditions must be properly applied and monitored, especially when they have been applied following the use of violence," he added.

"Mrs Newlove deserves a proper inquiry into this case and why the agencies designed to protect us failed her and her family."

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