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Moss mistook Cameron for plumber
Kate Moss
Kate Moss told the Tory leader he sounded like a useful guy

David Cameron has told how supermodel Kate Moss asked for his phone number after mistaking him for a plumber.

The pair met at a charity dinner but the Conservative leader had no idea what to talk about so he started a conversation about flood damage.

In an interview on ITV's Parkinson, he said: "I went back to my table and said 'The good news is, I met Kate Moss and she wanted my telephone number'.

"The bad news is I think she thinks I'm something to do with drainage."

'Useful guy'

Mr Cameron said he was stuck for words when Top Shop boss Sir Philip Green introduced him to the top model.

"I went over to her table and on the way over I thought, what on earth am I going to say?

"And I remembered she actually has a house in my constituency and we'd had these terrible floods in West Oxfordshire and so I said, 'Very nice to meet you, very sorry about the flooding in your house.

"I know your local pub has been flooded, I've been to see the publican and I know you like to go to the pub and so I know it's going to reopen in six months.

"So I went on like this, twittering on, and she turned around and said, 'God, you sound like a really useful guy, can I have your phone number?'"

The Tory leader was a guest on Michael Parkinson's show alongside Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, singer James Blunt and actor Sir Ian McKellen.

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