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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 October 2007, 13:40 GMT 14:40 UK
In full: David Cameron's letter
Here is the letter from Conservative leader David Cameron to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, calling for pre-election meetings between the shadow Cabinet and senior civil servants:

Dear Gordon

As you will know, previous Prime Ministers have agreed to pre-election meetings between Opposition spokesmen and senior civil servants.

The purpose of such meetings is to make sure the Civil Service is fully prepared to implement the new policies of a new Government.

Tony Blair wrote to me in April last year indicating that he would be ready to authorise such meetings from 1 January 2009.

Given that you have allowed members of the Cabinet to speculate openly that an election is to be called imminently, I am asking you today to give the necessary instructions for such meetings to begin immediately.

I would like this to start tomorrow before the actual campaign begins, which would be consistent with past precedent.

In particular, we will want to give officials the opportunity to prepare for the implementation of our immediate plans to:

  • Reform the National Health Service to make doctors more accountable to patients, by introducing an NHS Independence Bill and renegotiating the GP contract

  • Reform the tax system by raising the threshold for Inheritance Tax to 1 million and abolish Stamp Duty for first time buyers on home purchases up to 250,000

  • Replace Air Passenger Duty with an Airline Pollution Duty, levied on planes rather than passengers

  • Abolish the couple penalty in the Working Tax Credit, by implementing our programme of welfare reform

  • Introduce a National Security Council, within the Cabinet Office, to coordinate the domestic and foreign aspects of national security policy

  • Establish a single, dedicated Border Police Force

    The country will expect the Civil Service to be ready to put in place these real changes from the first day of the new Conservative Government.

    Given the urgency, I would be grateful for a reply by the end of the day.

    David Cameron

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