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Tory views: Autumn election
Prime minister Gordon Brown is considering whether to call a snap general election. Members at the Conservative Party's annual conference in Blackpool give their views on whether Mr Brown will go to the country this autumn - and whether the Tories could win if he did.


Tony Greatorex

I don't think he will call an election. He is a conviction politician. He does what he believes is right. I don't support him but I think he believes in himself and he has still got two years to do the things he wants to do. He is not a desperate person.

I think he is wrong in his policies and what he says - but I give him credit as someone who believes in what he is doing. I think he is perfectly capable of smiling at us at the end of this week and saying 'I never said there was going to be an election'.

It has thrown the Tories into a certain amount of turmoil. We were bringing out all these policy discussions in a fairly open and relaxed way in order to bring them to fruition in the next Parliament.

It has accelerated that process.


Pru Charlson

I don't think there will be one - not unless Gordon Brown thinks everything is going to go pear-shaped. It is too much of a risk.

The polls have been quite volatile for us. Hopefully things will change a bit after the conference. Nobody really knows what Gordon Brown is thinking. I genuinely don't think he has made his mind up.

But I am sure we are ready because they have been expecting it.

I think crime, the NHS and education will be massive issues and we have the policies in those areas.


Sallie Hendry

I think it is going to be very difficult. After listening to the Labour conference last week, Brown has set himself up as though he is almost going to go. It might be difficult now for him not to go, on that basis.

I think an election would be tight. I think the Conservatives could win but I think it will be tight. We could be into a hung Parliament.

I was surprised, after Northern Rock, that Labour's handling of the economy wasn't more of an issue. I think taxation will be an issue and crime, whether people feel safe on the streets. If we don't have an election the question will be whether Gordon Brown can deliver on the things he has said he will do.


Jonathan Galbraith

I think it is more likely that an election will be called next June. Gordon Brown is quite a prudent person. We are certainly ready if he goes earlier than that. We have selected candidates in most of the seats.

I think health care and resources for the armed forces will be big issues. The economy will also be more of an issue after Northern Rock.

I would like to think that David Cameron could turn round the opinion polls. I think it is possible that the Conservatives could win with a small majority. His speech on Wednesday will be important.


I think there will be an election. I think that Brown's Young Turks will persuade him that there is a good opportunity. If I were in his position I think he would be a fool not to.

Chris White

But the Conservative Party is in good heart - better than people would expect.

I think there would be a very narrow majority for Labour if there was an election, if not a hung Parliament.

The longer Brown waits the more chance the electorate have of finding out what he is really like. The economy is not as strong as Gordon Brown likes to make out.

As a younger member, I am in favour of the environmental policies. I know its controversial, but I think taxation of flights is a good idea.

I think Zac Goldsmith's policy review has come up with some sensible ideas on the environment.

If there is an attempt after an election by some members of the party to change David Cameron as leader we can not afford to take them seriously. It is David Cameron or bust.


Brinder Seni

I think the Conservatives have got a good chance at an election, even though the polls are not looking too good. Last year, we were on to a winner and things have declined a little.

But you just don't know what's round the corner. Let's just hope for the best.

Higher taxation is a huge issue with voters and perhaps if we could do more for community cohesion.

It is my first time at a conference but I watched David Cameron's speech on television last year and I was very impressed. I am looking forward to seeing him speak on Wednesday.

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