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Delegate views: Campbell's leadership
Sir Menzies Campbell's leadership of the Liberal Democrats has come under fire, with one senior peer calling it "disappointing". Delegates at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton give their opinions.


Peter Angus

I didn't vote for Ming. I think he's too old and I really wish we had Chris Huhne as leader instead of him.

Ming was the wrong choice but we are a democratic party and that's the decision we made.

But this isn't China, where you have to be 86 before you can lead the Communist Party.

I'm not against age and experience but you need a bit of dynamism.

Ming hasn't shown the passion you used to get from Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy. They were both fantastic.


Andrew Hudson

Ming seems to be going along fairly slowly as leader.

Maybe we need a more passionate and charismatic display, but I suppose you can overdo it.

It seems we will keep on growing as a party and Ming has provided the stability to allow us to do that.

I don't think there's that much appetite in the party for a change of leader.


Mary Reid

I was very strongly supportive of Ming when he ran for leader and I don't think the stuff you read in the press is what people really think.

What we needed when Ming became leader was a period of stability and calm and he has given that. He's not flash like David Cameron, but that's not what we want.

We can't suddenly ask for more charisma now.

Ming will probably be leader for four or five years in total and will put us in a solid position.

The party is always lower in the opinion polls between elections, but when the campaign starts people see that we offer something different.

We are a liberal party that encourages freedom of speech, so people do speak their minds, even about the leadership. In other parties that might be seen as treason, but I would call it debate.


Sharon Bowles

It's a difficult time for us, with the media focusing on the other two parties, but the leadership team are doing a very good job.

We have put this leader in place and he will do the job into the next election.

I think the direction the party is going in is right. We are very strong on the economy and the environment and we have excellent policies.

People really do like our policies and we are about more than just one person. It would be wrong to change our leader.

If we keep having complete changes of direction, what would that say about the party?


Adrian Trett

I'm happy to have Ming as leader. He has strong principles and he sticks to them.

I think we could do with some more enthusiastic speeches, but he generally comes across well.

I've been impressed by Ming's campaigning on issues of principle like Iraq and the environment.

I hope that he stays as leader into the next election. There's nobody who stands out as an obvious successor and Ming is taking the party in the right direction.

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