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What union members made of Brown
Gordon Brown has made his first speech to the TUC as prime minister. What did union members make of it?


Geoff Lewtas
It was an extremely interesting speech, but his argument that higher public sector pay pushes up inflation is not proved.

There's no link that's been established.

Public sector workers are getting a below-inflation pay rise and that's not right.


Katy Palmer
I thought the speech was good, but he wasn't as good a speaker as Tony Blair.

I liked the stuff about the minimum wage, because a lot of my friends are on 4.50 an hour, and the stuff about the developing world.

I also think there should have been more about public sector pay.


Ian Daley
I think it was genuinely visionary. We've got a prime minister who's not only concerned about the economy of this country, but also the wider perspective.

There was an international dimension - we are talking about educating the rest of the world.

There was a lot of substance but it needs to be fleshed out now.


Victoria Steeple

The speech was very aspirational - we'll cure disease then do something else in the afternoon.

But he didn't do anything to say he was going to improve public sector pay.

I don't know how he thinks our members can be expected to go on taking real-terms pay cuts.


Lorene Fabian

The prime minister could have said more about public sector workers. That's a problem.

He also needs to start repealing the anti-union legislation that Mrs Thatcher passed.

I also wanted him to say something about bringing the troops home from Iraq, but he didn't.


Austin Harney

We had so many questions to ask Gordon Brown and he didn't have allow us to do so. There was no question and answer session.

Tony Blair was much better at public relations and he at least used to listen to us.

Gordon Brown's speech wasn't as good as Tony Blair's were, either.

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