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TV star heads 'net porn' inquiry
Tanya Byron
Dr Byron will talk to parents and the entertainment industry
TV psychologist Tanya Byron is to head a government inquiry into protecting children from violent computer games and internet pornography.

The presenter of the BBC's The House of Tiny Tearaways and Little Angels will talk to parents and the entertainment industry about how to achieve this.

Dr Byron said it was essential that children's use of the internet was made "positive and safe".

The review will also look at the effectiveness of existing laws.


Dr Byron, a mother of two, said: "The internet is a powerful and positive tool for children in terms of their learning and ongoing development.

"However, we must all enable our children to use the possibility presented by the internet in a way that is both positive and safe.

"Therefore it is essential that parents and anyone involved in the care and development of young people are familiar with the material they will access and view - and of the potential and actual risks therein."

The review is jointly sponsored by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Children, Schools and Families Secretary Ed Balls said: "Children and young people have faster, easier and more immediate access to online information than ever before."

He said the review was not about "stopping children having fun" or benefiting from the internet, but added: "It is about making sure they can do so safely, as far as possible, without being exposed to harmful or inappropriate material."

The review will not cover television content, as there are separate laws dealing with this.

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