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Prescott 'in talks over memoirs'
John Prescott
John Prescott at Tony Blair's final prime minister's question time
John Prescott could be the latest political figure to write a memoir of the Blair years.

A spokesperson confirmed that the former deputy prime minister is "co-operating with publishers on a book of his life story".

Mr Prescott was at the centre of power and controversy - at Tony Blair's side in office and in the headlines for an affair with secretary Tracey Temple.

The Hull East MP was seen as a mediator between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

There have been reports speculating that Mr Prescott's life story would bring an advance of 500,000 from publishers.

Political punch

Last month, Mr Blair's former media chief, Alastair Campbell, published his own diaries of the Labour government.

Mr Prescott's working life has taken him from a job as a steward on cruise ships to the top table of government - serving as deputy prime minister throughout the Blair administration.

Along with his political achievements, such as working towards the Kyoto protocol on climate change, his memoirs would be expected to tell the inside story on other events that had pushed him into the headlines.

In the 2001 general election campaign he scuffled with a man who threw an egg at him. And in 2006, he admitted to an affair with secretary Tracey Temple.

His image problems were later compounded when a newspaper published pictures of him playing croquet with staff at his grace-and-favour country residence, Dorneywood.

An old Labour stalwart, Mr Prescott helped to maintain links between the party leadership and membership.

And his memoirs will be scrutinised by political analysts wanting to understand the relationship between former prime minister Tony Blair and present incumbent, Gordon Brown.

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