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Geldof calls G8 summit 'a farce'
Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof praised Tony Blair's efforts
Poverty campaigner Bob Geldof has condemned leaders of the G8 nations for coming up with a deal on Africa which he says is a "farce".

He praised Tony Blair, who he said had "gone down all guns blazing" in an effort to get the eight nations to deliver on previous aid commitments.

But he said he also felt sorry for the out-going PM as he had secured "no legacy stuff" in the two-day talks.

And he launched a strongly-worded attack on the other summit leaders.

At a joint press conference with fellow rock star and Live8 organiser, Bono, Mr Geldof said: "When richer nations so flagrantly view pledges as disposable, if they become too inconvenient, their ability to urge the leaders of the poorest countries to stick with difficult changes is much reduced.

"This is seen throughout the world, throughout any shape of politics, where people talk about numbers or the poor, as a nonsense.

"I won't have it spun as anything else, except a farce."

'Grotesque failure'

Earlier, the G8 leaders vowed to deliver on pledges to Africa, and agreed a $60bn (30bn) package for fighting Aids, malaria and TB.

On the final day of their summit in northern Germany, they repeated a commitment made at the 2005 Gleneagles summit to double aid for Africa by the end of the decade.

Mr Blair, who is standing down as prime minister at the end of this month, hailed the deal as "immense progress".

But Mr Geldof, who led global calls for action on Africa ahead of the 2005 Gleneagles summit, said the summit had been "a grotesque failure".

He used strong language to describe the leaders of the G8 nations.

But he told BBC News 24 that he and Bono did have some respect for Mr Blair and Gordon Brown, who set to replace Mr Blair in Downing Street.

"In this issue, he and I and all the other thousands of people wouldn't have got very far if Blair and Brown hadn't been doing their thing for the last few years."

And he said campaigners would continue to put pressure on the world's leaders ahead of the next G8 summit in Japan.

Bob Geldof criticises the G8 summit leaders

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