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Attack on Tory 'Labour policies'
Lord Tebbit
Lord Tebbit criticised Labour's 'gross incompetence'
The Conservative Party is able to "implement New Labour policies more effectively" than the government, former chairman Lord Tebbit has said.

In a wide-ranging speech, he criticised Labour for its policies on civil liberties, crime, health, education, immigration and the war in Iraq.

But in a swipe at Tories, he said there seemed to be "no will to restore honest and competent government".

His comments come after David Cameron backed more of Labour's city academies.

Lord Tebbit said Labour's government of the country had amounted to "administrative and constitutional vandalism", but did say that Britons had better health, housing and holidays than ever before.

Protection of liberties

But the freedom of the individual had been oppressed by the "gross incompetence" of Labour, he said, which included in areas such as borders, ethnic make-up of the country, doctors' recruitment, farm subsidies and IT projects.

"In past years, we might have hoped that the House of Commons might have acted against such grotesque incompetence and to protect the liberties of Her Majesty's subjects from the erosion of their rights," said Lord Tebbit.

"Some hope. On days when they might have been calling these incompetents to account in the Commons, members have seen it as more important to change the law to prevent their constituents from knowing how much and for what purpose they are paid in expenses," he said, referring to an exemption for politicians to the Freedom of Information Act.

"In that, they were not opposed by the leader of the opposition nor the prime minister."

Lord Tebbit, who served under Margaret Thatcher, said the Conservative Party had "now rebranded itself as the party to implement New Labour policies more effectively.

"God knows there is need of a party to do that, but I thought it was the Labour Party."

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