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Peers probe flight health risks
Plane flying near Heathrow
Air travel has increased hugely since 2000
The health risks of air travel will be examined in a new inquiry by members of the House of Lords.

Peers examined links between flights and health in 2000 and found there was insufficient proof of any major risks, but urged more research in the area.

After huge growth in air travel, peers want to know what has been done to improve conditions and on research.

They will also look at how to limit the spread of newer threats, like SARS and pandemic influenza.

The Lords Science and Technology Committee's previous report, Air Travel and Health, attempted to raise public understanding of deep vein thrombosis, oxygen depletion, cross-infection and cabin air contamination.

It highlighted the need for more research into health risks and to improve information for passengers.

The new investigation will look at what progress has been made, what new health threats have emerged and how effective the government's Aviation Health Working Group have been.

Committee chairman Lord Broers said there had been major growth in the aviation industry since 2000, and public concern about possible health risks was "still high".

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