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Schwarzenegger to address Tories
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mr Schwarzenegger was recently injured while skiing
California governor and former movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger will deliver a keynote address on climate change at the Tory Party conference this year.

The Republican politician made California the first state in the US to impose a mandatory cap on damaging "greenhouse gas" emissions.

Conservative leader David Cameron praised Mr Schwarzenegger for reviving the Republicans in California.

Before politics, the governor starred in films like Commando and Terminator.

Mr Cameron said: "Governor Schwarzenegger led a dramatic revival of his party's fortunes in California and as governor he has shown tremendous leadership - above all in pioneering measures to protect the environment, reaching out to political opponents in doing so.

"It's great he's coming to our party conference, and I very much look forward to welcoming him there."

No doubt he'll terminate David Cameron and the rest of the government.
George, UK

The US politician also enjoys good relations with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair with the pair having signed a joint accord promoting research into cleaner-burning fuels and technologies.

Furthermore, he subsequently said Mr Blair was a "real action hero" in a joint television interview marking the British government's Climate Change Bill.

Mr Schwarzenegger coined catchphrases such as "I'll be back" during a movie career which saw him star in a string of big-budget movies.

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