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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 April 2007, 09:13 GMT 10:13 UK
Blair launches YouTube 'channel'
Tony Blair on YouTube
Mr Blair's message was viewed more than 400 times in the first 24 hours
Tony Blair has launched a Labour Party "channel" on the YouTube website to communicate directly with voters.

In a minute-long video on the channel the prime minister says the website will enable voters to receive "unmediated" information.

The channel also carries messages from Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain and Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

Last year Tory leader David Cameron launched his own video weblog to try to get his message to young people.

Mr Blair delivers his message on the channel, which is at www.youtube.com/labourvision, wearing a suit and tie and sitting in front of a purple Labour screen.


He says: "The purpose of this is so that people can get a proper idea of actually what we are trying to do in the Labour Party.

He looks uncomfortable, doesn't he?
Chris Walker

"What we are about, what we have done, what we hope to do in the future.

"To make sure you can get a proper look at all the question and answer sessions rather than simply everything going through the media.

"You get to hear what it is we are saying in explanation to the questions people are asking."

The channel was viewed more than 700 times in the first 24 hours after its launch on Friday and Mr Blair's message was watched more than 400 times.

Mr Cameron said he launched his weblog, which is at www.webcameron.org.uk, to give voters a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at the Conservative Party.

The Lib Dems already have a presence on YouTube with a variety of videos outlining their latest activities.

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