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Last Updated: Sunday, 18 March 2007, 04:12 GMT
Labour donor 'spoke of honours'
Sir Christopher Evans
Sir Christopher Evans loaned the Labour party 1m
A Labour donor arrested in connection with the cash-for-honours inquiry has admitted discussing peerages with the party's chief fundraiser, Lord Levy.

But in a confidential letter obtained by the Sunday Telegraph, Sir Christopher Evans insists he was never promised anything in return for money.

The wealthy businessman, who lent Labour 1m, said he and Lord Levy were being made scapegoats.

The letter was sent to shareholders in Mr Evans' company, Merlin Biosciences.

Sir Christopher said Lord Levy did tell him he deserved an honour for his long-term support for the Labour party.

He added that they also talked regularly about donations but he insisted that at no time did Lord Levy offer him a peerage or any other honour in return for money.

Sir Christopher, who was arrested by police last September, claimed he and Lord Levy were being treated as "dispensable pawns in a bigger game".

And if that "game" continued he would do everything in his power to prove that the claims in his letter were correct, he said.

Extracts from Sir Christopher Evans' letter about Lord Levy

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