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Hair buzz as Cameron moves left
David Cameron
Mr Cameron's new look prompted much speculation

Tory leader David Cameron's decision to part his hair on the left has sparked a buzz of speculation from commentators.

Some argued the new look was an attempt to look more "butch", others that it was actually more feminine, or an effort to cover up a receding hairline.

Daily Mail sketchwriter Quentin Letts said it symbolised the direction in which Mr Cameron was taking his party.

But a spokesman said of Mr Cameron's change: "There is no political significance in his decision to do so."

Mr Letts told the BBC he thought Mr Cameron's wife Samantha probably had a hand in the decision.

"Blair's hair do has changed colour rather oddly once or twice but now Cameron seems to be changing direction - which is of course a very good metaphor for what he's doing with his party."

"You can be a little bit high-minded about this, but I think that's to ignore the very important element that image does play in the way people vote."

I was always led to believe that real men put their partings on the right hand side
Hairdresser Roger Craig

He added: "Unlike the last three Tory leaders he at least has the luxury of parting his hair. This is an improvement, arguably, in image terms."

Politicians can be very sensitive about their hair. In 2002, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder took a news agency to court for suggesting that he dyed his hair - and won.

Research from the early 1990s suggested that the proportion of bald men making it to elected office in the US was four times less than the number in the population at large.

The Sun reports it shows Mr Cameron was not afraid of change while the Daily Mirror reports that it could be an attempt to look more "butch", as a right parting is sometimes seen as feminine.

But hairdresser Roger Craig told BBC Radio 4's Today programme it could be more of a "metrosexual" statement.

"I have always kept mine on the right and was always led to believe that real men put their partings on the right hand side," he said.

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