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Berry is Green mayoral candidate
Sian Berry
Sian Berry: Has campaigned against 4x4 vehicles
Green Party members in London have voted for 32-year-old Sian Berry to be their candidate for London mayor.

The party's joint leader got 45% of the vote, beating four others hoping to challenge Ken Livingstone next year.

She said the party's vision was "a fairer, greener, healthier London. A city run on a human scale".

In 2004 Green candidate Darren Johnson came seventh with 57,000, or 2.9%, of first preference votes. He got 209,000, or 10.9%, of second preference votes.

Ms Berry said: "Life is a struggle for ordinary people in London. If it's not the chaos of our transport network, it's the high cost of living, the daily struggle to make a living wage, or crazy levels of rent and mortgages.

"Our vision is clear: a fairer, greener, healthier London. A city run on a human scale, which enriches the lives of everyone.

"A Green mayor would be the best thing that ever happened to London. I can help bring a wide range of voters behind us with my record of action, and our vision of London as the world's leading example of a diverse, socially just, green city."

The Green Party in England and Wales does not have an individual leader, it has a male and female principal speaker. Sian Berry was elected unopposed as female principal speaker last September.

In 2003 she was one of the founders of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s, which campaigns against off-road cars "taking over" cities.

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