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In full: Brown speech
Here is the full text of Gordon Brown's speech outside Downing St after he became prime minister.

I have just accepted the invitation of Her Majesty the Queen to form a government.

This will be a new government with new priorities and I have been privileged to have been granted the great opportunity to serve my country and at all times I will be strong in purpose, steadfast in will, resolute in action in the service of what matters to the British people - meeting the concerns and aspirations of our whole country.

I grew up in the town that I now represent in Parliament. I went to the local school. I wouldn't be standing here without the opportunities that I received there.

And I want the best of chances for everyone. That is my mission - that if we can fulfil the potential and realise the talents of all our people, then I am absolutely sure that Britain can be the great global success story of this century.

As I have travelled round the country and as I have listened and I have learnt from the British people - and as Prime Minister I will continue to listen and learn from the British people - I have heard the need for change. Change in our NHS, change in our schools, change with affordable housing, change to build trust in government, change to protect and extend the British way of life. This change cannot be met by the old politics.

So I will reach out beyond narrow party interest. I will build a government that uses all the talents. I will invite men and women of good will to contribute their energies in a new spirit of public service to make our nation what it can be.

I am convinced that there is no weakness in Britain today that cannot be overcome by the strength of the British people.

On this day I remember words that have stayed with me since my childhood and which matter a great deal to me today. My school motto: I will try my outmost. This is my promise to all of the people of Britain. And now let the work of change begin.

Thank you.

Gordon Brown speaks outside Downing Street

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