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Visa refusals: Your experiences
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UK tourist are often denied visas for "ridiculous reasons" according to an independent monitor.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their experiences. You can read a selection below.

Your experiences:

My sisters were not given a visa to attend my wedding even if they were my only bridesmaids because apparently - this is what the officer in Mauritius said - "you are young and attractive and you are just going to England to marry English men just like you sister is doing".
Deepah Dbrojomohun, Rugby, England

I once invited a girl from Belarus to come and stay. We were forced to reveal private correspondence to show evidence of our relationship. They denied her visa because a letter she once wrote was 'worded in peculiar English'.
David, Surbiton

I am a solicitor and do work for clients appealing against refusal of visas to visit the UK for tourist reasons. Some of the refusal reasons given are completely ludicrous.

One client wanted to come and visit her sister who she had not seen for years. She was refused as she "had not seen her sister for some time" - that was the reason she was asking to come here in the first place!

Another was refused as she had not seen "snow" before (coming from a warm country). My visa was refused on ground that there was nothing special in England that we dont have it in Uganda.
Ndejje Namasuba, Kampala, Uganda

Last year I have applied to stay in the country as A highly Skilled Migrant and I was surprised to learn that my application was rejected because I did not demonstrate that my degree was taught in English. Although I hold a BENg in Mechanical Engineering from Coventry University, and MSC in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College, London. Apparently graduating from a UK university does not mean that the course was taught in English.
Feras Yosef, Isle of Wight

I was denied a visa because I was unemployed. I am 62 and retired very happily since I invested well and did not buy junk I did not need. My current stock and liquid savings amount to near four million US dollars. Yet they felt I would be a burden on the country.
Dan Wilcox, USA

Apparently, a tourist visa can also be rejected because of "poor German" instead of "poor English". I can provide decision letter from British consulate (Dusseldorf, Germany) where they gave the lame excuses. My current employer wanted me to visit our London branch in December 2005, but the consulate refused because I did not speak German fluently. The interview took place in English.
Yasir Iqbal, Berlin, Germany

The immigration staff at Heathrow refused my partner's sister an entry visa on her first visit because she didn't know many of the London landmarks.

After we moved overseas, my partner was refused a visa at Heathrow because despite having a good job and life in Dubai for over a year, they said she would stay in the UK. The Heathrow immigration officer then told me I was a liar as she knew a bit about Dubai and I could not own a company there without a local partner. This is false, my company is in one of the many free zones.
Dennis, Dubai, UAE

My American girlfriend was deported in 2002 after arriving in the UK, planning on a three month stay with me. When I asked the reason why she was being deported, I was told by UK immigration that "she has too much luggage". We are now married and living in USA far away from these ridiculous problems!
James Cady, Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

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