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In full: David Cameron exchange

Here is the full exchange between Conservative leader David Cameron and Commons Speaker Michael Martin at prime minister's questions:

David Cameron: I know [Tony Blair] doesn't want to talk about the chancellor - he can't even mention his name - but let's just spend a moment on it.

Let me put the question I put to him three weeks ago. Back in January, the prime minister said: 'I'm absolutely happy that Gordon Brown will be my successor.' Now does the prime minister... (interrupted)

Michael Martin: Or-order. Or-order. I have let the Rt Hon Gentleman away with that before, but this matter is not going to be belaboured, because the prime minister is here to talk about business of the government.

Or-order. Well, I-I'm giving a ruling here and it's an important point. Order.

It's about business of the government. Who will be the next leader of the Labour Party is for the Labour Party to talk about and decide. (Uproar)

Order. Order. Order. Or-order. Order. Or-order. Order. I-I'm giving the ruling.

Ultimately it may cause - it may be the case that it would turn out that that leader would become the prime minister, but I'm telling the Rt Hon Gentleman, it's not a matter for the floor of the House.

This prime minister...order! Order! I tell the Rt Hon Gentleman, this is a matter that - (Turns to unidentified Conservative MP) I say to the Hon Gentleman, or I'll suspend this sitting, and then his leader won't be able to speak.

I make it clear, it's not a matter for the prime minister, who is responsible for government, for government business.

DC: Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker, are you honestly saying we can't ask the prime minister of the country (uproar), who...

MM: Order, or-order, order, order. May we get some calm.

What I'm saying - of course, anything I say from this chair is said honestly, and I tell the Rt Hon Gentleman, who - he has no right to ask on the floor of the House, at prime minister's question time, who the prime minister is supporting for an office within the Labour Party. Order. Order. Order.

DC: Perhaps I could just, with my last question, ask the prime minister who he'd like to see as the next prime minister of this country.

MM: Order. Order. Order. Order. Order. I'll allow that. That's in order. Prime Minister.

Tony Blair: Well, I was simply going to say that a record - I am about to answer, I am about to answer, I am about to answer - that a record that has delivered as chancellor the lowest inflation, lowest unemployment, lowest interest rates in this country's history, that has managed the strongest growth of any major industrial economy, that as a result of that has delivered record investment in the National Health Service is a rather better recommendation than having spent some time advising Norman Lamont on Black Wednesday (uproar).

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