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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 October 2006, 12:55 GMT 13:55 UK
MP urges YouTube violence debate
A computer user looking at the YouTube website
Sites such as YouTube encourage users to put their own videos online
Posting footage of assaults and violent acts on websites such as YouTube is a serious issue which MPs should discuss, Commons leader Jack Straw has said.

His call followed a claim by Hartlepool MP Iain Wright that an attack in which a man was kicked unconscious in his constituency could be found online.

Mr Wright said the availability of such videos on the internet was worrying.

Mr Straw advised him to raise the matter when the Violent Crimes Bill was debated in the Commons next Wednesday.

The subject was discussed at Business Questions in the Commons, when Mr Wright called for "a debate on YouTube".

"I'm aware that several Hon Members have found and used the YouTube website," he said, alluding to the spoof video in which Labour MP Sion Simon parodied the weblog of Conservative leader David Cameron.

I'm concerned that acts of violence and instances of happy-slapping recorded on mobile phones are transferred to the web for wider consumption
Iain Wright MP

"But I'm more concerned about a posting from my constituency.

"Entitled Milton Road Fight Club, it shows a man being attacked in the street and kicked in the face until he's unconscious.

"I'm concerned that acts of violence and instances of happy-slapping recorded on mobile phones are transferred to the web for wider consumption," Mr Wright added.

Mr Straw said he was "very glad" the matter had been raised.

"We shall be discussing the Violent Crimes Reduction Bill during the next week. I hope very much he raises the issue on an appropriate amendment on that Bill."

He went on: "This is a really serious issue about how these kind of videos should better be controlled."

The Bill tackles activities such as the manufacturing, sale and possession of imitation firearms, and restricting the movements of anyone convicted of alcohol-related acts of violence.

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