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Quiz: Which party do they belong to?
Finding it difficult to tell the politicians apart? Well here's a selection of people who went to party conferences this year. Can you tell which party, if any, they back?

Charlotte Leslie
1) Charlotte Leslie, 28, used to work in television but is now a researcher for a well-known MP. She used to swim competitively "and box as well" and once worked as a lifeguard. She has been a member of her party for four years, joining it because she wanted to "change things".

Jim Spencer
2) Jim Spencer, a retired small businessman, has been a member of his party for 25 years, but this was his first party conference. He says he has had a great time and would love to come back next year. He is married with two grown up children and three grandchildren..

Kathy Pollard
3) Kathy Pollard, 54, is retired now but used to work as a research engineer for a major telecoms company. She's been a local councillor 20 years and goes to conference every year. She first got involved with her party through a road safety campaign. She is married with two daughters.

Jo White
4) Jo White, 42, is married to an MP (White is her maiden name). She was a member of her party before she met her husband and has been coming to party conferences for 19 years. She used to own a translation service, but now runs her husband's office. She has two teenage children.

Garth Raymer
5) Garth Raymer, 61, is a retired accountant. This was his first party conference but he will definitely be back. He says he was "pleased by the number of young people at the conference". He wants to become more involved in politics. He is married with three daughters.

Robert Pettigrew
6) Robert Pettigrew, 28, works for a group of MPs in the House of Commons and is active in his local party. He stood unsuccessfully at the last General Election in Scotland. He wants to try again. He has been going to party conferences for many years. He is single and lives in London.

Zoe Hughes
7) Zoe Hughes, 31, says she is a "northern girl" who grew up in Chesterfield. She was a mature student who has a degree in International Relations. She is "cohabiting" with her boyfriend but has no plans to get married. "I don't believe in the institution," she says. She lives in London.

Here are the answers:
1) Conservative
2) Labour
3) Liberal Democrat
4) Labour
5) Liberal Democrat
6) Conservative
7) No party

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