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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 October 2006, 17:38 GMT 18:38 UK
English MPs 'must have final say'
Commons vote
Mr Cameron said the issue must be addressed
English MPs must have the final say on laws which affect England alone in this post-devolution era, according to Conservative leader David Cameron.

The Tory chief said he wanted to tackle the West Lothian Question - where Scottish MPs can vote on issues which affect only England but not vice-versa.

Critics of the idea of England-only sessions in Westminster say it would lead to the break-up of the UK.

Mr Cameron said it would not raise antagonism from Scotland.

"We do need to deal with the issue of the West Lothian Question and I think ensuring that English MPs have the final say on issues that only affect England is a fair approach," Mr Cameron told BBC Radio Scotland.

"But we need to recognise that in Scotland there are still resentments and feelings that need to be addressed.

"I've made the point that a lot of people in Scotland get understandably upset when they come south and shops start looking at their money as if it's monopoly money.

Fuel resentment

"We actually need some changes of attitude south of the border as well."

Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said: "I agree with Mr Cameron that English MPs must have the final say on English only laws. That is exactly why SNP MPs only vote on matters that have a direct impact on Scotland.

"However, it is deeply hypocritical that the Conservatives' only MP in Scotland, David Mundell has previously taken part in debates and voted on issues that only affect England."

The issue first came to prominence when highlighted by the former West Lothian - and later Linlithgow - Labour MP Tam Dalyell.

Mr Dalyell said that devolution would fuel resentment if Scottish MPs continued to vote on matters which affected only England.

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