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Tory conference at-a-glance
Conservative leader David Cameron opens his first party conference in Bournemouth on 1 October. Here are the main debates and speeches during the four-day event.


1430 Formal opening by the mayor of Bournemouth

1440 Introduction by party chairman Francis Maude

1500 - 1545

Party change

William Hague, shadow foreign secretary

David Davis, shadow home secretary

1545 - 1630

John McCain, US Senator

1645 - 1715

Conservative Party - past and future

David Cameron, Conservative leader


0910 - 0940

Hot Topic Debate: considering a ban on marketing to children

0940 - 1100

Public services

David Willetts, shadow education and skills secretary

Andrew Lansley, shadow health secretary

1100 - 1245

Tackling the causes of crime

Camilla Batmanghelidjh, Kids Company

Crime debate

David Davis, shadow home secretary

Shami Chakrabarti, Liberty

Norman Brennan, Victims of Crime Trust

John Timoney, Miami Chief of Police

1415 - 1445

Hot Topic Debate: cheap flights are a false economy

1445 - 1600

Environment debate

Peter Ainsworth, shadow environment secretary

Chris Grayling, shadow transport secretary

Zac Goldsmith, ecologist

Jeanette Winterson, author and environmentalist

Peter Kendall, National Farmers' Union

1610 - 1640

Social action

1640 - 1730

Meet the candidates

Theresa May, shadow Commons leader

Oliver Letwin, chairman, Conservative Research Department

Ann Widdecombe MP

Rachel Elnaugh, Dragon's Den, BBC


0910 - 0940

Hot Topic Debate: alcohol does more harm than drugs

0940 - 1100

Social justice debate

Caroline Spelman, shadow communities secretary

Philip Hammond, shadow work and pensions secretary

1100 - 1130

Economic competitiveness

The role of business in society

1130 - 1245

Economy debate

Alan Duncan, shadow trade and industry secretary

George Osborne, shadow chancellor

1415 - 1530

Foreign affairs and international security

Liam Fox, shadow defence secretary

William Hague, shadow foreign secretary

1545 - 1645

Devolution debate

Cheryl Gillan, shadow Wales secretary

David Mundell, shadow Scotland secretary

Oliver Heald, shadow constitutional affairs secretary

David Lidington, shadow Northern Ireland secretary

1645 - 1730

Meet the candidates


0920 - 0950

Culture and the creative industries

Hugo Swire, shadow culture secretary

0950 - 1020

Hot Topic Debate: global companies are a force for good

1020 - 1130

Global poverty debate

Andrew Mitchell, shadow international development secretary

William Hague, shadow foreign secretary

Mark Malloch Brown, UN deputy secretary-general

1140 - 1210

Meet the candidates

1210 - 1250

Conference choice debate

Theresa Villiers, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury

Boris Johnson, shadow higher education minister

1400 - 1430

Social action

1430 - 1530

Leader's speech

David Cameron, Conservative leader


Conference closes

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