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Last Updated: Friday, 22 September 2006, 14:41 GMT 15:41 UK
Greens warn of 'species threat'
Green Party leader Keith Taylor
Mr Taylor spoke of the need for wholesale economic reform
Humans could cease to be the "dominant species" on Earth because of the environmental damage they are causing, the Green Party conference has heard.

Party Leader Keith Taylor warned delegates in Hove that the challenges of tackling global warming urgently needed to be addressed.

Mr Taylor criticised the government for "posturing" over global warming, and called for wholesale economic reform

He also unveiled the party's slogan: "One world, one chance, vote Green".

During past 200 years, Mr Taylor told delegates, social and political challenges had been solved by the emergence of new philosophies and movements.

"People are hungry for a solution, the planet is desperate for mercy, and it is green thinkers like us who have the answers.

"There is only one true green party, only one authentic green voice. That is us - the Green Party."

Blair accusation

The party leader also turned his attention to the US's so-called war on terror, labelling their policy in Iraq "illegal and immoral" and the UK's role in it "ignoble and shameful".

"Blair is responsible for crimes against humanity and should be tried alongside Bush."

And he railed against the possibility of the UK upgrading its Trident nuclear missiles.

"Trident - the nuclear weapons system that, as part of the world wide web of WMDs, ensures we are all only seconds away from annihilation at any one time.

"Tragedy is, that whilst the nuclear nations spend billions on more efficient ways of killing people, millions die of malnutrition or lack of clean water for want of aid."

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