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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 September 2006, 10:57 GMT 11:57 UK
Lib Dem conference at-a-glance
All you need to know about day four of the Liberal Democrat conference 2006:


0930 Policy motion: Human rights in the United Kingdom

1000 Speech: Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the Russian Democratic Party, Yabloko

1020 Britain's Global Responsibilities: The international rule of law - international law policy paper

1135 Sir Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat leader


Sir Menzies Campbell uses his first major conference speech as Lib Dem leader to say the party must show it is a serious prospect for government.

Lib Dem peer Jenny Tonge has been summoned for talks with her leader after saying her party was "probably in the grip" of the pro-Israel lobby.

Disgraced Lib Dem MP Mark Oaten has spoken of his alarm at being caught up in the military coup in Thailand.

The Green Party has staged a protest at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton to highlight what it calls the Lib Dems' "appalling" environmental record.

Ex-Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy refused to do a public handshake with Sir Menzies Campbell after his conference address.

Politicians should be allowed a private life or people will be put off public service through fear of being exposed by the media, Simon Hughes has warned.

Chancellor Gordon Brown is accused by Vince Cable of "basking in the fading glory of decisions taken a decade ago".

Media-stoked fear of paedophiles is an "absolute tragedy" which is destroying communities, Baroness Williams warns.

Britain's arms exports scheme needs a fundamental review, Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesman Michael Moore says.

Schools should get more funds to take underperforming pupils, says Lib Dem education chief Sarah Teather.


Bets continue on who will be the first Liberal Democrat to flip out and go after the fly which has plagued speaker after speaker in the conference hall. What better way for Sir Menzies Campbell to prove he can succeed where other Lib Dems have failed, than by getting rid of the fly using martial arts techniques of the type seen by the wise mentors in films such as the Karate Kid and Kung Fu...

Where have the Lib Dem Friends of Israel gone? Their stand in the conference exhibition hall has closed. Could the fact that conference passed a motion condemning Israel for using "disproportionate" force in Lebanon have made them pack up and go home?

Treasury spokeswoman Julia Goldsworthy may be flattered that The Sun puts her top of their list of Lib Dem "beauties". But her delight may be tempered when she sees the paper has also dubbed her the "Abi Titmuss of Westminster". OK, Julia went on reality show The Games, but it's hardly Love Island!

There is something reassuringly Liberal about the youth wing of the party handing out free "bird of freedom" yellow condoms carrying the vote-chasing slogan "cross my box".


The blogs continue to pick over Charles Kennedy's speech and its aftermath.

Alex Foster focuses on the section on proportional representation, which he expresses doubts about. Chris Davies MEP and Lembit Opik also reveal their wardrobe secrets in Mr Foster's podcast.

Lord Ashdown - who is much in evidence this week - tops a poll on Stephen Tall's site, asking who should be the next Lib Dem president. Incumbent Simon Hughes comes third behind self-styled Queen of the Blogs Lynne Featherstone.

Peter Black AM is feeling a little neglected, asking if anyone has noticed he has been back in Wales since Tuesday...

Jonathan Calder recommends a useful guide to secondhand bookshops in East Sussex but obviously the conference has taken its toll on his wallet. "Not that any of us has the money left to buy books tomorrow".


Sir Menzies
Is Sir Menzies tempted to look up his own entry?


"You never quite say never in politics there are always exceptions and one of those exceptions is when you leave the stage, you leave the stage," Lord Ashdown on Charles Kennedy.

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