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In full: Gordon Brown statement
This is the statement by Chancellor Gordon Brown regarding the future of Prime Minister Tony Blair:

We are in the unique situation in our country where the Prime Minister has said, as he has said on a number of occasions, that he does not want to lead our party and our government into the next general election.

As a result of that, there are questions about what happens in the time to come, and it's right to say that I, like others, have had questions myself.

But I want to make it absolutely clear today, that when I met the prime minister yesterday, I said to him - as I've said on many occasions and I repeat today - it is for him to make the decision.

I said also to him, and I make it clear again today, that I will support him in the decision he makes, that this cannot and should not be about private arrangements but what is in the best interests of our party, and most of all the best interests of our country - and I will support him in doing exactly that.

Tony Blair and I have worked together for 20 years and we have done so in difficult times as well as in very good times.

We continue to work together because we share a determination, both of us, that we will advance and get down to the business of the Labour government, and doing our best by the people of the country.

I am determined that in the months and years to come we continue to do our duty by the people of Britain - and it is my determination and his to do that - that will influence everything that happens in the time to come.

Gordon Brown publicly gives Mr Blair his support

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